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Write for us | 1000 Business Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

Have you launched a site that falls in the business niche and striving to gain the attention of the audience? If yes, then publishing content at Business guest blogging sites can help you achieve your intended goals. 

Why guest posting, not something else?

It is so because merely by submitting articles to other high authority blogs, you gain advantages from brand exposure to building relationships. 

Isn’t it amazing? 

Yes, then let’s start without wasting an inch of time. 

Before everything, let’s check the benefits you are about the reap once you have the whole list in hand. 

Benefits of Publishing Content at Business Guest Blogs 

  1. Make People Aware

Guest Blogging is the quickest and most legitimate method to spread awareness about your newly launched and well-established business both. 

Most of the top bloggers around these days prefer guest posting rather than spending money on marketing and promotion techniques. 

By publishing on several blogs, a broad audience becomes aware of your brand and perceives you as an expert in a specific niche. They will also remember your brand name after coming across it several times. 

This technique works well, considering the cut-throat competition. You can reach the customer sitting at any location. 

You just need to write a top-notch post to make a significant impact. 

  1. Expand Network 

Networking is required irrespective of the niche to which you belong. The more people you know, the more you can leverage it. This statement holds even after so many years. 

You never know when those people can help you, or you may need them to expand your brand. With the help of guest posting, you will build a network of like-minded people who are willing to help each other and succeed in their endeavors. 

Anytime, you can collaborate with them to run a marketing campaign to gain the attention of a broad audience. 

However, it also helps you to build your reputation and become trustworthy for the potential audience. 

How people find you online impacts your business to a great extent. The more you get discovered on high-authority websites, the more people will value you and stay connected with you for long. 

  1. Boost DA

DA stands for Domain Authority. When you publish content on other high DA websites and gain backlinks in return, then the search engines tend to believe that your site is also authoritative. 

This ultimately leads to a rise in DA. The other site vouch for your credibility and authenticity. 

Search engines love to rank those sites which have high-quality links pointing to it. 

With time, these backlinks help you reap plenty of benefits and make you more visible in the search engine results page. 

Whether you will earn these benefits or not solely depends on the type of content, you write and think of submitting to another blog. 

If it is competent and capable enough, then it will earn your name recognition, build authority, and spread the word about business along with other benefits. 

Footprints to Find Business Guest Posting Opportunities 

Footprints give you the most straightforward way to find the most relevant high-authority websites in any niche in minutes. 

Below I shared a few of them that you can copy-paste into the search bar to get ideal results. 

Here it is: 

 Business “intitle:” write for us”

“Business” intitle:” write for me”

“Business” intitle:” contribute to”

“Business” intitle:”submit” + inurl:blog

“Business” “submit a guest post”

“Business” inurl:/guest-post/

“Business” “guest post”

“Business” “guest post by”

“Business” “accepting guest posts”

“Business” “guest post guidelines”

“Business” “guest author”

“Business” “guest article”

“Business” “guest column”

“Business” “become a contributor”

inpostauthor:guest “Business”

inpostauthor:” guest blog” “Business”

inpostauthor:” guest post” “Business”

“Business” intitle: “guest bloggers wanted”

“Business” intitle: “become a contributor”

“Business” intitle: “write for”

“Business” intitle: “submit article”

“Business” intitle:”submission guidelines”

“Business” intitle: “guest post guidelines”

“Business” intitle:”contribution guidelines”

“Business” intitle: “submit guest post”

“Business” intitle: “submit blog post”

“Business” intitle: “guest blog guidelines”

“Business” intitle: “editorial guidelines”

“Business” + “guest blog”

“Business” + “guest blogger”

“Business” + “guest Column”

“Business” + “guest article”

“Business” + guest post

“Business” + guest author

“Business” + “write for us”

“Business” + “write for me”

“Business” + “become a contributor”

“Business” + “contribute to this site”

“Business” + inurl:category/guest

“Business” + inurl:contributors

List of Business Guest Post Websites with Write For Us 

Here is the entire list that is compiled on the basis of DA, PA, Authority, Backlinks and more. 

Let’s begin then: 


It is an international magazine that covers the current affairs of the entire Asia-Pacific region. They provide quality, analyzed information, and events commentary. The Diplomat audience comprises academics, policymakers, and commentators that cover regional issues in-depth. 

DA:PA – 81:61

DR:UR – 80:82

Submission URL – https://thediplomat.com/write-for-us/


Learning changes the lives of others, and so Marketing Profs educate others how to make every decision. They care about people, practices followed, and results. Their training programs, online events, free resources, and conferences help others implement their marketing campaign. 

DA:PA – 75:63

DR:UR – 85:83

Submission URL – https://www.marketingprofs.com/write-for-us 


A site where you can get a free review for your B2B, financial solutions, and SaaS platform. They help others get customer reviews, compare the products, and choose solutions given by experts to grow your company. 

DA:PA – 71:57

DR:UR – 83:51

Submission URL – https://financesonline.com/write-for-us/ 


They are known for providing world-class news, data, analysis, and place for app businesses. They have rapidly become a reliable resource for people who create, market, and monetize their applications. The business of Apps cover everything from app development to marketing. 

DA:PA – 66:48

DR:UR – 79:48

Submission URL – https://www.businessofapps.com/write-for-us/


Toast empowers restaurants of all types. They cover the sales, front and back end, and implement high-end technology to ensure the success of clients. Delight your customers and do what it takes to build a successful business. 

DA:PA – 66:56

DR:UR – 90:78

Submission URL – https://pos.toasttab.com/blog/write-for-us 


They aim to keep things simple and avoid unnecessary features. Mailer lite entirely focuses on creating something for the clients that they would love to use and drive results. They ensure the long-term success of customers and provide exceptional customer support. 

DA:PA – 65:62

DR:UR – 87:83

Submission URL – https://www.mailerlite.com/write-for-us


A data-driven guide to help clients make buying decisions. Clutch interviews real clients, compares them with competitors, collects required data, and puts you in front of target customers. Want to feature your website? Yes, then write for the clutch and get the attention of more than 2 million people. 

DA: PA -62:58

DR: UR – 86:80

Submission URL – https://clutch.co/write-for-us


Addicted 2 success mission is to empower and push other people to change their lives by spreading self-development-related knowledge and real stories. Become a better successful human being. Want to submit a guest post? Then outreach now. 

DA: PA -62:55

DR: UR – 72:53

Submission URL – https://addicted2success.com/write-for-us/


Find here compelling content to read related to gadgets, business, reviews, SEO, marketing, blogging, and many other categories. Are you an expert in any of the topics they accept? Yes, then submit a guest post now and promote your business. 

DA:PA – 60:43

DR:UR – 62:81

Submission URL – https://www.businessmagazine.org/write-for-us/


A reliable resource hub for creative creators like app developers, business persons, writers, marketers, t-shirt sellers, and so on. They aim to provide you articles to read written by those people who love to do it and share their experience. Are you a skilled writer? Yes, then write a guest post related to it. 

DA:PA – 60:46

DR:UR – 78:32

Submission URL – https://blog.placeit.net/write-for-us/


A well-established blog that accepts posts related to digital marketing, business, lifestyle, and technology. Do you want to share your ideas, stories, articles, or opinions? Yes, then write for Tech Pocket and expand your brand awareness. 

DA:PA – 59:42

DR:UR – 63:79

Submission URL – https://www.techpocket.org/write-for-us-digital-marketing-technology-blog-lifestyle/


A reliable source of information from where you can learn what tools you should use for your business to make it a success. Their blog contains well-researched articles as well as the latest news for bloggers, business owners, designers, and other creatives around. 

DA:PA – 59:56

DR:UR – 76:53

Submission URL – https://www.vandelaydesign.com/write-for-us/


Enhance your brand reputation with Marketing Tech News and read their insightful content. Want to contribute an article? Yes, then submit a guest post related to the topics they cover like Branding, How to, Business, Campaign creation, Messaging, Relationship building, and so on. Become an influencer in your industry. 

DA:PA – 56:44

DR:UR – 76:38

Submission URL – https://marketingtechnews.net/write-for-us/


It is an online google news indexed reliable source of information related to virtual reality, industry news, and hardware/software. They are looking for contributors, so become one by submitting your story and sharing the experience related to AI or OpenSim. 

DA: PA -56:52

DR: UR – 61:43

Submission URL – https://www.hypergridbusiness.com/about/write-for-us/


They talk here about the techniques you can follow to get the results that you expect. Tech Wyse works with SMART PLAN CYCLE, which is a process that is planned carefully and makes sure every client’s needs are fulfilled. 

DA:PA – 55:53

DR:UR – 72:54

Submission URL – https://www.techwyse.com/write-for-us/


Are you looking for a business guest post opportunity? Yes, then submit your well researched thoughtful article here. For Tech covers topics like Computers, Business, Social Media, Gaming, Guest Blogging, etc. and gives you a chance to grow the business. 

DA:PA – 55:36

DR:UR – 59:79

Submission URL – https://www.fortech.org/write-for-us


Chris, who is the founder, aims here to spread self-development knowledge, share the experience, and instil positivity in others. Their content is genuine and promises to ensure you will develop both mentally and physically. Also, get here the tools that you need to bring your vision to reality. 

DA:PA – 54:47

DR:UR – 52:43

Submission URL – https://motivationgrid.com/write-for-us/


It is a team of experts that give you all the best practices required for the proper implementation of your business ideas related to any industry. They also refrain from making mistakes and get in-depth knowledge in the form of guides, reviews, ratings, etc. Make the right decisions with PAT. 

DA:PA – 54:45

DR:UR – 61:37

Submission URL – https://www.predictiveanalyticstoday.com/write-for-us/


A blog fueled by Melinda, who is a keynote speaker and thriving entrepreneur. At this blog, she shares her ideas that every week reaches millions of people. Learn here what you need to develop in business and social media marketing.

DA:PA – 54:48

DR:UR – 62:49

Submission URL – https://succeedasyourownboss.com/write-for-us/ 


A site with only one aim that is to create and share tutorials as well as guides that anyone can follow like bloggers, entrepreneurs, webmasters, and small businesses. Are you an expert? Yes, then submit a guest post. 

DA:PA – 54:52

DR:UR – 68:47

Submission URL – https://www.binpress.com/write-for-us/


It is an approachable business guide. Their mission is to verify the gathered data, share expert insights, and provide real advice that you need to build and grow your brand and turn it into success. Want to join them? Yes, then read their guidelines beforehand and teach readers to perform better. 

DA:PA – 53:48

DR:UR – 79:45

Submission URL – https://themanifest.com/write-for-us


They publish the type of content that helps to set up wordpress websites, build and grow it ten folds. Their blog publishes and accepts guest post contributions. Don’t forget to include the word SAMOSA in the pitching email. 

DA:PA – 53:69

DR:UR – 91:87

Submission URL – https://cyberchimps.com/write-for-us/


They help other businesses sell and buy. Their team has fine-tuned the process and ensures you win a safe deal. Are you a buyer, seller, and investor? Yes, then consider writing a guest post related to how-tos, productivity, entrepreneurship, and roundups. 

DA:PA – 52:51

DR:UR – 72:74

Submission URL – https://empireflippers.com/write-for-us/


A UK based platform with skilled staff and are on the mission to revolutionize your business funding. They also aim to provide a collection of different funding options according to your business and heed to your needs. 

DA:PA – 52:44

DR:UR – 65:44

Submission URL – https://fleximize.com/write-for-us


They were brought to existence by a group of tech geeks who aim to help other people, businesses, IT professionals, and entrepreneurs. They cover almost every topic related to Tech, IT, and marketing. Want to submit a business guest post? Yes, then contact their admin immediately. 

DA: PA -52:44

DR: UR – 55:52

Submission URL – https://www.digitalconnectmag.com/write-for-us/ 


A business news website that covers Thailand’s businesses and provides financial information. 

Have you got some exciting readership tips to share with their audience? Yes, then write for TBN and give a boost to your online presence. 

DA: PA -51:50

DR: UR – 54:44

Submission URL – https://www.thailand-business-news.com/write-for-us


As their name, convert do an excellent job of optimizing your products for a better future and making the world a better place. They support initiatives of communities, give discount offers to other nonprofit organizations, and work towards being eco friendly in their approach. With Convert, get all testing done and move your business forward. 

DA:PA – 51:52

DR:UR – 74:55

Submission URL – https://www.convert.com/write-for-us/


A reliable source for all those small business entrepreneurs. It helps them start, grow, build a customer base for their business, and see long term growth. Their elite team possesses the passion required. Get here everything you need to excel and enjoy a high level of customer service. 

DA:PA – 50:50

DR:UR – 73:55

Submission URL – https://smallbusinessbc.ca/education/business-planning-series-package/


It provides practical tips and tricks related to different topics like education, technology, business, career guidance, and so on. Have you got expertise in any of the issues they write on? Yes, then contribute an article to Trainings Adda. 

DA:PA – 50:43

DR:UR – 61:37

Submission URL – https://www.trainingsadda.in/write-for-us-submit-guest-post-article/


Have you got some exciting ideas and stories to share related to E-commerce business? Yes, then contribute your articles now. Before submitting checks whether that topic is already covered or not. They aim to help the ecommerce platforms perform better and strengthen it. 

DA: PA -50:46

DR: UR – 71:43

Submission URL – https://blog.magestore.com/write-for-us/

Also called TNT, they have five years of experience and share tips as well as tricks related to topics like Business, Gadgets, AI, IoT, Internet, Business, etc. Do you want to publish a guest post here? Yes, then share your well-researched article now with their audience. 

DA:PA -50:46 

DR:UR – 40:24

Submission URL – https://www.technologynewsntrends.com/business-write-for-us/


They welcome guest post writers frequently to write and publish articles for them. The topic you want to write on must be related to entrepreneurship or small businesses. Go through their guidelines before sending a pitch mail to Commun. 

DA:PA – 50:51

DR:UR – 65:74

Submission URL – https://commun.it/blog/contact/write-for-us-guest-post-guidelines-for-commun-it-blog/


As their name suggests, it provides invoicing software to small businesses, freelancers, and other traders. With Invoice Berry, create, send and manage the invoices easier and also keep track of the payments and expenses both with it. Want to submit a business guest post? Yes, then reach out now. 

DA:PA – 50:53

DR: UR -72:53

Submission URL – https://www.invoiceberry.com/write-for-us


An independent community meant to connect the digital and technology leaders for bringing transformation. They share thoughtful articles, industry summits, and other events information related to the digital domain, customer experience, and future work. A disruption hub is made by the business leaders for the business leaders to deliver innovative ideas to the business leaders around. 

DA:PA – 49:41

DR:UR – 58:35

Submission URL – https://disruptionhub.com/write-for-us/


The future of work welcomes other guest post authors. Go through their submission guidelines first to increase the chances of acceptance. Have you got some exciting and enjoyable posts to share? Yes, then send it to the for media for publishing and win the attention of their audience. 

DA: PA -49:33

DR: UR – 53:35

Submission URL – https://fowmedia.com/write-for-us/


It’s a media and technology platform where they focus on trends, details, insights, and opinions from the data-driven. As their name, they feature analysis related to domains like data management, IoT, Business analytics, and much more. It is an ultimate weapon you need to grow your business and stay at the forefront. 

DA: PA -49:45

DR: UR – 69:41

Submission URL – https://www.analyticsinsight.net/staging/write-for-us/


Want to publish an article related to different popular categories like starting a business, business growth, social media, development, customer service, and more? Yes, then submit a business guest post to Small Business Bonfire Blog now. Go through their guidelines first to increase the chances of acceptance. 

DA:PA – 50:49

DR: UR -62:43

Submission URL – https://www.smallbusinessbonfire.com/write-for-us/


A leading platform that creates content like courses and video tutorials to teach and train other tech geeks using cutting edge technology. Their blog content portrays ideologies that give people more in-depth insight and get knowledge about particular subjects. Want to guest post? Yes, then pitch now. 

DA:PA – 49:38

DR: UR -71:31

Submission URL – https://blog.eduonix.com/write-for-us/


Web Engage aims to optimize marketing campaigns of other businesses and let them interact with their audience to promote user engagement. Have you got some new information or never heard before stories to share? Then submit a business guest post. 

DA: PA -49:49

DR: UR – 71:57

Submission URL – https://webengage.com/write-for-us/


They are looking for brilliant writers who share the same obsession as them. Want to write for 25 years later site? Yes, then submit an insightful guest post to different topics like Tv, Business, Music, Features, Audio, etc. 

DA:PA – 48:41

DR:UR – 37:36

Submission URL – https://25yearslatersite.com/write-for-us/


Promo welcomes guest post authors to contribute articles to their site. Have you got some interesting articles to share related to Video Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Optimization for Small businesses and marketers, practical strategies, etc.? Yes, then read their contributor guidelines and submit content. 

DA:PA – 49:47

DR:UR – 73:74

Submission URL – https://promo.com/blog/write-for-us


A number one resource for the business professionals who are into the sports niche and want the latest real information. Here they cover plenty of topics like sports business, marketing, sponsorship, Tech, social media to help you create a bright career and excel. Want to write for Sports Networker? Yes, then outreach and pitch your ideas to them. 

DA:PA – 48:48

DR:UR – 48:15

Submission URL – http://www.sportsnetworker.com/write-for-us/


ABC money accepts contributors who want to submit articles related to emerging technologies, latest news, business, economics, finance, industry issues, and problem-solving techniques. Before writing, it’s better to pitch them with your topic ideas and then begin writing around it. 

DA: PA -47:42

DR: UR – 42:36

Submission URL – https://www.abcmoney.co.uk/write-for-us/


One flare aims to connect the businesses with their target audience. One Flare covers around 300 categories related to home improvement and technicians. Like if you want a plumber in your area, then they will show you the list and quotes from the dealer. 

DA:PA – 46:54

DR:UR – 75:53

Submission URL – https://www.oneflare.com.au/write/blog/write-for-us


A site created by Camille Wordsworth, Jisub, and Jessica, who share their hands-on experience earned by working for plenty of big companies and innovative startups here. Here you can learn about effective marketing that brings desired results. Their helpful content is worth reading. 

DA:PA – 46:44

DR:UR – 64:32

Submission URL – https://cwordsworth.com/write-for-us-technology-marketing-psychology-jewelry/


A reliable online source that shares news, updates, and the latest trends happening in the business sector. They aim to help other business owners through their guides, practical tips, and well-researched articles. You can also submit a report to Tech Today Info. 

DA:PA – 47:41

DR:UR – 63:36

Submission URL – https://www.techtodayinfo.com/write-for-us/


A one-stop source of information that covers everything related to small businesses and startups. Through proper research, collection, curating, and analyzing, they render the best resources that help you succeed in your business venture. Have you got something interesting to share? Yes, then reach out to Feedough.

DA:PA – 46:29

DR:UR – 62:38

Submission URL – https://www.feedough.com/write-for-us/


An ideal destination for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Here you can learn about new things, tips, tricks, and articles related to escalating your business and find ways to improve more. Have you got some interesting information to share about fellow readers? Yes, then write for Small Biz Club. 

DA:PA – 45:37

DR: UR -64:38

Submission URL – https://smallbizclub.com/write-for-us/


It is a lifestyle magazine that shares ideas and information about new startups, businesses, news, lifestyle, travel, and much more. Want to share your expertise and earn backlinks in return? Yes, then write for the Mind Majix audience. 

DA:PA – 45:33

DR:UR – 59:32

Submission URL – https://425business.com/write-for-us/


A resource of getting information about music, business, entertainment, fashion, and technology: they are looking for brilliant writers who want to contribute. If you are willing, then write content about the categories they accept that are listed on their write for us page. Gain benefits like Boost traffic, rank high, earn backlinks, and engage with new audiences. 

DA:PA – 45:25

DR:UR – 61:29

Submission URL – https://latestbulletins.com/write-for-us/


So folks here you have the entire list, make optimal use of the business guest posting sites provided to you. 

I hope this article helps you to build high-quality links, promote your business, and increase brand reach. 

Want to have your site also listed? Yes, then drop it in the comments. 

Happy Guest Blogging.

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