Write for us | 1000 Health Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

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Write for us | 1000 Health Blogs that Accept Guest Posts

Are you looking for health guest posting sites

Yes, then You are in the right place. 

Guest Posting on other websites is an excellent method for expanding your reach and getting the attention of the target audience, it is not only just limited to link building. 

If you are serious about submitting content, then first understand the sites that you are considering for pitching are relevant and have high authority. 

Now how to find high DA health blogs in minutes? 

You can make use of Footprints to get the most relevant results in minutes.

Here how to use them: 

Footprints to Find Health Guest Posting Websites Quickly 

To get the ball rolling, at first, you need to have good sites in hand that you are going to outreach later. 

You don’t need to search the entire internet anymore. Just Copy Paste these footprints, also called advanced search strings to find best sites. 

  • inurl:guest-post “Health”
  • “submit guest post” + “health”
  • health blogs write for us
  • health + “write for us”
  • Health “guest post”
  • Health “write for us”
  • Health “guest article”
  • Health “guest post opportunities”
  • Health “this is a guest post by”
  • Health “contributing writer”
  • Health “want to write for”
  • Health “submit blog post”
  • Health “contribute to our site”
  • Health “guest column”
  • Health “submit content”
  • Health “submit your content”
  • Health “submit post”
  • Health “This post was written by”
  • Health “guest post courtesy of”
  • Health “guest posting guidelines”
  • Health “suggest a post”
  • Health “submit an article”
  • Health “contributor guidelines”
  • Health “contributing writer”
  • Health “submit news”
  • Health “become a guest blogger
  • Health “guest blogger”
  • Health “guest posts wanted”
  • Health “looking for guest posts”
  • Health “guest posts wanted”
  • Health “guest poster wanted”
  • Health “accepting guest posts”
  • Health “writers wanted”
  • Health “articles wanted”
  • Health “become an author”
  • Health “become a guest writer”
  • Health “become a contributor”
  • Health “submit guest post”
  • Health “blogs that accept guest posts”
  • Health “submit an article”
  • Health “submit article”
  • Health “guest author”
  • Health “send a tip”
  • Health inurl: “guest blogger”
  • Health inurl: “guest post”
  • allintitle: health + guest post

Use now and get desired results. To make footprints work better for you, learn to tweak them according to requirements. 

What type of Content Health Blogs Usually Publish?

Writing content for health blogs is different from others, as it demands articles that are well researched and fact-based. 

Only if you are capable of adding value to others’ blogs through high-quality content that entices their audience, means you are on the right path. 

Basic Content 

You can write about some essential topics like “Why to begin intermittent fasting”, “Apply for health insurance” etc. These topics are simple and contain the necessary information, but readers find it very helpful. 

Most of the health guest blogs out there accept such posts that help you drive more targeted traffic and gain more exposure. But make sure the information is correct, not just your opinion. 

How-to Guides

It is one of the best types of content on the internet that every kind of audience loves to read. The How-to articles are basically a blog post that first raises an issue and gives immediate steps to tackle it. 

Audiences love to read such posts only if they contain factual, evidence-based information. How to guide, help to drive more organic traffic, and portray you as an authority. No one likes to accept flawed posts, so check before submitting to maintain credibility. 


Another popular form of content. Let’s say you want to write “8 steps to keep your skin nourished” then, in this; you will explain eight tips in the form of a list. While writing makes sure, the list or steps are in a perfect pattern that keeps the reader hooked for long and turns out to be a great piece. 

Apart from this, other types of content that health blogs accept are expert interviews, testimonials, case studies, opinions, infographics, videos, and FAQs. 

Keep searching for content ideas, and never run out of it to build your fanbase and attract more visitors. 

List of Health Blogs Where You Can Submit Guest Post 

The below list is compiled based on DA, PA, DR, UR, and Relevancy. 

Scroll through the list and outreach any site for winning a free guest post on health blogs. Save the listing for future reference. (To find the link for the Write to Us page, click on the Name of the website mentioned above its description)

Let’s begin: 


Their editors and contributors aim to ensure the information you get is correct and accurate to the facts. SBM works independently and promotes high standards of information in health and medicine. They are looking for new bloggers, so submit guest posts now. 

DA:PA – 71:60 

DR:UR – 75:79

Submission URL :- http://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/index.php/contributors/


Fitness is glad to welcome you on board to become a healthier version of yourself. Get here practical fitness tips you can try and work on to have a healthy body along with eating delicious food. 

DA:PA – 49:43

DR:UR – 37:30

Submission URL:- https://www.fitneass.com/contact/


A blog that focuses on developing your psychological health and promotes balance in emotions. Steven here cover topics like Social Psychology, Emotional intelligence, Cognitive Psychology, Mindfulness Meditation, and much more. Connect with him now on email. 

DA:PA – 55:43

DR:UR – 55:23

Mail TO – TheEmotionMachine@gmail.com


A science-based natural blog that focuses on providing factual and authentic information to others like chemicals found in foods, toys, medicines, and other products. It covers various health sections, organics, spirituality, nutrition, etc. to give you all the sought-after basic knowledge. 

DA:PA – 85:69

DR:UR – 51:38

Submission URL:- https://naturalnewsblogs.com/write-for-naturalnews/


One of the leading platforms where peers like advanced doctors, physicians, nurses, and other health professionals share their stories and experiences. Want to share your voice also? Then become a contributor. 

DA:PA – 67:56

DR:UR – 76:47

Submission URL:- https://www.kevinmd.com/blog/heard-social-medias-leading-physician-voice


Also known as the lemonade diet, this blog is dedicated to providing you food that relaxes your digestive system and throws all the toxins outside to heal it. It also aids in weight loss and works on cleansing your internal body. Give it a thorough read. 

DA:PA – 56:51

DR:UR – 47:53

Submission URL:- https://themastercleanse.org/contact-us/


Find here what is real, long-lasting, works for you and is right for you. It covers both health and wellness domains. Greatist aims to make you feel more healthy and live life to the fullest. They give you all the needed tools, and you create rules to use as well as follow them. Their content is evidence-based, expert-approved, and factual. 

DA:PA – 85:63

DR: UR -83:81

Submission URL:- https://greatist.com/drop-us-line


A blog where you will find everything related to mental, physical, and emotional health. All aspects of life can be found here at Mind Body Green that helps you excel in all spheres of life. 

DA:PA – 87:65

DR:UR – 86:82

Submission URL:- https://www.mindbodygreen.com/contribute


A blog where you can learn to do different types of workouts, exercises, and points to keep in mind while following the physical regime. Make your body better and strengthened. At Tnation learn about different supplements you can have to build a better body and mind. 

DA:PA – 71:60

DR:UR – 75:81

Mail TO – articles@t-nation.com


A website dedicated to trail running to encourage people of all ages and communities to take part in outdoor activities and develop a healthier lifestyle. Their race directory contains the updated list of trails going to happen in future 

DA:PA – 56:48

DR:UR – 69:52

Submission URL:- https://trailrunnermag.com/contributors


Psych Central focuses on mental health and is one of the best reliable sources. They are deeply committed to touching the lives of everyone around and making them better on a psychological level. All the articles and guides are evidence-based and accurate. 

DA:PA – 87 69

DR:UR – 87:83

Submission URL:- https://psychcentral.com/about/submissions/


Are you a beginner at exercise? Then Hive Health Media can make you understand what to eat and how to begin exercising. Learn different workout regimes to keep yourself as well as your family healthy. Don’t forget to read their healthy living tips. 

DA:PA – 50 53

DR:UR – 51:41

Submission URL:- https://www.hivehealthmedia.com/contact/article-submission/


A blog that focuses on your personal growth as well as self-improvement. It’s a network of websites that all intend to make your life better physically and mentally. They cover topics ranging from stress management to natural health. 

DA:PA – 62:64

DR:UR – 79:82

Submission URL:- https://www.selfgrowth.com/contactus.html


Most of the people around feel lonely, stressed, discouraged, and frustrated most of the time, so here Possibility Change aims to help you work on inner aspects and transform your life. This blog evolved in a few years, and here people of all ages publish their stories as well as experiences. 

DA:PA – 53:39

DR:UR – 45:31

Submission URL:- https://possibilitychange.com/contribute/


Learn here how to get the body shape you want through workouts. Here the stories of other women are also featured, which empowers other women to be bold and better. Find here everything from beauty to nutrition to technology. 

DA:PA – 86:66 

DR:UR – 85:83

Submission URL:- https://www.womenshealthmag.com/about/a24170223/about-womens-health/


Food is directly related to your health. Here Aggie shares healthy recipes you can enjoy while still staying fit and in shape. Escalate your cooking knowledge and learn to make use of simple and fresh ingredients to create dishes for satiating your cravings at any time. 

DA:PA – 55;50

DR:UR – 53:51

Submission URL:- https://aggieskitchen.com/contact-me/


Wall Street Journal refers to this blog as “The leading insider voice in the field”. THCB is a leading forum when it comes to getting reliable and evidence-based information and things trending in the health industry. Are you one of the influential writers? Then write for THCB. 

DA:PA – 65:52

DR:UR – 73:52

Submission URL:- https://thehealthcareblog.com/write-for-us/


A reliable resource for those people who want to live and spend a healthier life. Their team of researchers and writers covers a variety of topics and provides information in a clear, crisp way. Their practical tips, food recipes, beauty tutorials, natural remedies, and other information is worth reading. 

DA:PA – 49:42

DR:UR – 53:27

Submission URL:- https://www.health2wellnessblog.com/write-for-us/


A community that aims to empower people around who face health challenges and other physical disabilities. Read their stories and articles to get more in-depth insight into how to stay healthy. They cover topics like chronic illness, cancer, autism, mental health, rare diseases, and other 500+ topics. 

DA:PA – 76:58

DR:UR – 79:80

Submission URL:- https://themighty.com/submit-a-story/


A fitness magazine to help you make the right decision when it comes to the body. Their nutrition guides and workouts regimes are worth reading. They also publish related to the different equipment that helps you move closer to living a healthy life ahead. 

DA:PA – 50:26

DR:UR – 56:54

Submission URL:- https://fitreign.com/write-for-us-health/


Their industry experts and professionals write well-researched articles to help others improve business and make healthy choices when it comes to nutrition, workout, fitness, and other changes. Their audience comprises health coaches, fitness professionals, business owners, nutrition professionals, and others interested in healthcare. 

DA:PA – 65:61

DR:UR – 77:73

Submission URL:- https://www.ideafit.com/publications/author-guidelines/


Are you a brilliant health writer? Yes, then Healthy Living Magazine accepts articles on different topics. They cover almost everything that comes under Healthy Living like parenting, lifestyle, beauty, health, and recipes you can try. Submit an article now. 

DA:PA – 52:40

DR:UR – 48:21

Submission URL:- http://www.healthylivingmagazine.us/static/MEDIAKIT/writer_submission/


It bestows you with essential information related to physical and mental health and enjoys the benefits. They accept contributions and look for content related to topics like men’s and women’s health, food, fitness, mental health, and much more. If interested, then pitch and submit your persuasive, evidence-based article now. 

DA:PA – 44:44

DR:UR – 50:34

Submission URL:- https://www.thehealthjournals.com/editorial/


CURE magazine brings along all the updates, research, and education related to cancer for health care providers, patients, and parents. Their writers portray complex information in a simple, understandable format. Check their guidelines beforehand to improve your chances of becoming a contributor here. 

DA:PA – 58:51

DR:UR – 72:55

Submission URL:- https://www.curetoday.com/write


A blog dedicated to those who are on the journey of feeling wholly alive and spiritually conscious. It brings podcasts, courses, events, and travel articles on your table. They cover a broad range of topics, from meditation to the human body to the environment, so here is your chance to submit an article now. 

DA:PA – 57:50

DR:UR – 71:44

Submission URL:- https://spiritualityhealth.com/submissions


This natural food magazine focuses on making you eat healthily and stay active. Want to enjoy good food and stay fit simultaneously? Then Eating Well is here with all the related articles. It speaks about both women and men, and their articles are backed by proper research. Have you got some ideas to share? Yes, then read their writer guidelines and start writing an insightful article for them. 

DA:PA – 77:64

DR:UR – 82:37

Submission URL:- http://www.eatingwell.com/article/290691/writers-guidelines/


It covers potential topics from food and recipes to health and wellness. They strive to provide articles that aspire to make a healthy change in your life. Their audience is smart, savvy, and educated, so have you got some well-researched articles to share then become a freelance writer here now. 

DA:PA – 69:53

DR:UR – 72:55

Submission URL:- https://www.motherearthliving.com/mother-earth-living-freelance-writer-guidelines


A kind of directory where you will find articles related to exercise, workout, and maintaining health. Read their articles that also focus on every aspect of life and strive to turn you into a healthy being. 

DA:PA – 49:50

DR:UR – 42:36

Submission URL:- http://www.coachcalorie.com/write-for-us/


Want to publish a detailed guest post related to the health niche? Then here is the chance. Well Sphere strives to impact your lives in a better way and give you something to work on. 

DA:PA – 59:56

DR:UR – 57:14

Submission URL:- http://www.wellsphere.com/healthy-living-article/how-to-submit-a-guest-post-to-healthin30-com/1737717


Here get to read unbiased facts and opinions of experts related to health. Their readership includes the citizens from top countries and belongs to high profiles. Healthy Debate accepts guest posts, so submit one now. 

DA:PA – 54:44

DR:UR – 60:40

Submission URL:- https://healthydebate.ca/guest-post-submission


A blog that focuses on Mental Health and helps you decide whether you are in a healthy relationship or not through their insightful articles related to marriage. Have you got some appealing content related to health therapy or self-care? Yes, then publish an article now. 

DA:PA – 57:54

DR:UR – 71:53

Submission URL:- https://www.marriage.com/submit-mental-health-guest-post


It is more like management software to help those in the health, wellness, and recreation industry. Their clientele is like those who own gyms, yoga studios, fitness clubs, and so on. Have you got something relevant to high-caliber posts? Yes, then pitch now. 

DA:PA – 49:52

DR:UR – 74:46

Submission URL:- https://www.perfectmind.com/guest-post-guidelines


A blog designed to enable you to select and tailor the knowledge to fit your daily medicine practice requirements. He also provides the best reliable news, and their popular questions and answers column is worth paying attention to. Enjoy reading their in-depth, rich informational content. They cover almost every topic. 

DA:PA – 79:59

DR:UR – 82:79

Submission URL:- https://www.healio.com/public-health/journals/hlrp/submit-an-article


Cureus is the name that comes to mind when you want to read easy and simple enriched articles. Submit a health guest post to help them revolutionize and provide thought-leading articles that are accessible to everyone. 

DA:PA – 55:46

DR:UR – 66:43

Submission URL:- https://www.cureus.com/author_guide


It is a site that strives to educate the hospital staff, health professionals, vendors, consultants, and physicians about current issues and other initiatives. Gain the required exposure and get a chance to display your article in front of an intellectual audience. 

DA:PA – 49:31

DR:UR – 66:38

Submission URL:- https://www.healthitanswers.net/the-answers-media-company/submit-an-article/


Catholic Health Care aims to spread love and healing into the world and is a group of nonprofit health professionals. They care for the people and communities around them. Want to help them achieve their mission? Yes, then go through their guidelines first and submit an article. 

DA:PA – 59:51

DR:UR – 70:52

Submission URL:- https://www.chausa.org/publications/health-progress/submit-an-article


An international forum that provides cutting-edge and well-researched articles that simply make you understand the relationship between health and stress and how to combat it. They cover different types of topics related to health as well as anxiety. Have you got unique information or abstract stressed life experiences? Yes, then submit the article now. 

DA:PA – 92:73

DR:UR – 92:85

Submission URL:- https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/page/journal/15322998/homepage/forauthors.html


A medical journal that aims to educate physicians and health professionals around the world through well-scientific researched and correct articles. They welcome letters, articles, scientific papers, and blog posts from other writers around. Submit yours now. 

DA:PA – 61:45

DR:UR – 64:33

Submission URL:- https://www.bcmj.org/submit-article


It publishes reviews, editorials, papers, and scientific research articles on their site. Therapies and diagnostics particularly interest them. They consider only case reports or short reports to publish that contain correct thoughtful information. 

DA:PA – 57:50

DR:UR – 66:36

Submission URL:- https://www.europeanreview.org/how-to-submit-an-article


It is one of the top-ranked journals that publish articles related to advanced research and industry best practices. They aim to consistently provide new information along with best practices to the health professionals around. Have you got an in-depth article to share? Yes, become an author here at ASSP. 

DA:PA – 56:46

DR:UR – 76:81

Submission URL:- https://www.assp.org/publications/become-an-author/submit-to-psj


This magazine reaches more than 52000 health professionals like owners, operators, nurses, doctors, etc. They aim to improve the quality of management and care in the health sector by rendering articles containing examples and anecdotal stories. 

DA:PA – 46:41 

DR:UR – 58:37

Submission URL:- http://www.providermagazine.com/about/pages/submit-article.aspx


Crossfit Journal is a free digital publication that focuses solely on functional fitness. Their clinically tested and factual based articles are worth reading. Their mission is to provide a platform for coaches, athletes, fitness experts, researchers, and other professionals to collectively collaborate and debate at one place and work on improving human performance. 

DA:PA – 76:63

DR:UR – 88:83

Submission URL:- http://journal.crossfit.com/submission-guidelines.tpl


A progressive health magazine that is rapidly growing. Their sole purpose is to empower others to become the healthier version of themselves. Have you got some well-balanced in-depth content to share related to fitness, food, and life? Yes, then read their guidelines first and make a move. 

DA:PA – 65:52

DR:UR – 75:50

Submission URL:- https://experiencelife.com/about-us/experience-life-writers-guidelines/


A magazine for Australian Men where they publish articles related to health, nutrition, sport, training, and exercise. It helps you learn how to take care of your body. A one-stop destination for knowing everything related to men’s health. Have you got something inspirational? Then submit an article now. 

DA:PA – 49:38

DR:UR – 41:36

 Submission URL:- https://mensfitnessmagazine.com.au/faq/


Are you passionate about sharing high-quality articles related to health? Yes, then write for Well Being Secrets. Make sure the claims that you make are backed by proper research and evidence. They love to share knowledge about improving health from every aspect. 

DA:PA – 51:46

DR:UR – 65:40

Submission URL:- https://www.well-beingsecrets.com/write-for-us/


Open, collaborative blogs that tie different issues, whether it is social, cultural, or political with medicine and genders. Nursing Clio serves as a platform for the health care workers, students, and others to discuss and analyze the kind of link between past and present. They publish long-form content pieces and promote a balance. 

DA:PA – 53:41

DR:UR – 50:35

Submission URL:- https://nursingclio.org/write-for-us/


With time, this site has become one of the world’s most reliable sources of information related to medicine. They accept guest post articles related to different topics like beauty, fitness, skin, healthy foods, diseases, diets, etc. Want to contribute, then write for them. 

DA:PA – 45:46

DR:UR – 47:34

Submission URL:- https://healthiack.com/write-for-us


A source of reliable and innovative information for the nurses and other associated professionals. Their site covers content reviewed by peers. Want to make an impact and share your knowledge? Yes, then publish articles here. 

DA:PA – 60:46

DR:UR – 71:42

Submission URL:- https://rcni.com/write-us


Child in the city aims to provide and share expert knowledge for creating cities that are child-friendly. They cover subjects like Health, Mobility, Children’s Geographies, Education, etc. Want to contribute to transforming the lives of children around the world? Yes, then submit a health guest post now. 

DA:PA – 47:36

DR:UR – 51:35

Submission URL:- https://www.childinthecity.org/write-for-us/


Here our list ends, pick the sites, outreach them, pitch your idea and end up submitting an article that adds value to their website and helps you earn desired benefits. 

Share this list with your other blogger friends also who are on the spree to guest post on health sites. 

Do you know some more sites or want yours to get listed? Yes, then let us know in the comments.

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