Write for us Real estate Blogs (High-Authority Websites)

Write for us Real Estate Blogs
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Write for us Real estate Blogs (High-Authority Websites)

Want to put your real estate niche website in front of the target audience waiting to connect with you? Yes then here I am with the list of high DA real estate guest posting websites whom you can begin pitching without a second thought and submit articles. 

Now, many among us rely on Guest Blogging when it comes to spreading a word about business, whether new or well established—both the newbies and peers most praise this technique. 

 So you can imagine how beneficial it is for your website. 

Talking about Real estate, it is a particular type of niche where things keep changing in the market every other day. To stay in sync and serve your audience better, you need to stay one step ahead. 

And Guest Posting is the most legitimate and quickest way to do so. 

By the time you finish reading the article, you will have the list of real estate guest posting or write for us sites in hand. 

Moreover, in this article, I also explained how to find the most relevant sites in seconds. 

Let’s begin with benefits first: 

Benefits of Real Estate Guest Posting

Now not everyone is doing guest posting out there. Thus it leaves a room for you to make use of the opportunities available. 

Enjoy long term benefits and save money that you were thinking to spend in marketing/promoting your services. 

Guest posting on other websites gives you a chance to expand your business without spending your fortune. 

Not convinced, read the benefits listed below: 

  1. Build Connections 

You know how crucial it is to build the right connections with the right people if you are in the real estate industry. Using this network of relationships, only you thrive. 

When you publish high-quality content on others blogs that their audience loves to read, you create a link. 

Moreover, their owner will willingly come to you next time and deal. Thus a valuable relationship created and similarly, your network will keep growing. 

This network could be useful when you want to run any marketing campaign for launching a new project. 

  1. Generate More Leads

When you publish guest posts on others’ blogs, then their audience will show interest in the content only if it adds some value. 

Moreover, they will call you an expert considering how well researched and thoughtful articles you share on top websites. 

Through this technique, you get highly targeted traffic relevant to your site niche that is in this case real estate. 

The traffic is relevant and keen to know what you got to offer and how it benefits them. Thus you have a chance to turn potential customers to leads and explain to them how your services can help them in the long run. 

  1. Create a Positive Image 

People love to deal with those who are famous enough and are experts. 

Thus guest blogging allows you to gain the attention of more people by submitting articles on different relevant sites. 

You need to share information that is available nowhere else rather than just rewriting the already covered concepts. 

More people will perceive you as a professional and deal with you. A positive image is created. 

A simple example, would you like to take the real estate advice from Gordon Ramsay? You know your answer. 

How to find the real estate guest posting websites? 

Footprints to find more guest posting opportunities in Real Estate Niche

Also called advanced search operators, Footprints let you find thousands of useful, high-quality websites accepting guest posts is merely a few minutes. 

So you no longer need to scout the entire internet in search of a bunch of sites. 

To use it, simply copy any of the footprint listed below and put it into the search engine search bar. There you go and get results. 

 Real Estate”” intitle:” ” write for us”

“”Real Estate”” intitle:” ” write for me”

“”Real Estate”” intitle:” ” contribute to”

“Real Estate” intitle:”submit” + inurl:blog

“”Real Estate”” “”submit a guest post”

“Real Estate” inurl:/guest-post/

“”Real Estate”” “”guest post”

“”Real Estate”” “”guest post by”

“”Real Estate”” “”accepting guest posts”

“”Real Estate”” “”guest post guidelines”

“”Real Estate”” “”guest author”

“”Real Estate”” “”guest article”

“”Real Estate”” “”guest column”

“”Real Estate”” “”become a contributor”

inpostauthor:guest “Real Estate”

inpostauthor:” ” guest blog”” “”Real Estate”

inpostauthor:” ” guest post”” “”Real Estate”

“”Real Estate”” intitle: ” “guest bloggers wanted”

“”Real Estate”” intitle: ” “become a contributor”

“Real Estate” intitle:”write for”

“Real Estate” intitle:”submit article”

“Real Estate” intitle:”submission guidelines”

“”Real Estate”” intitle: ” “guest post guidelines”

“Real Estate” intitle:”contribution guidelines”

“Real Estate” intitle:”submit guest post”

“Real Estate” intitle:”submit blog post”

“”Real Estate”” intitle: ” “guest blog guidelines”

“Real Estate” intitle:”editorial guidelines”

“Real Estate” + “guest blog”

“Real Estate” + “guest blogger”

“Real Estate” + “guest Column”

“Real Estate” + “guest article”

“Real Estate” + guest post

“”Real Estate”” + guest author

“”Real Estate”” + “”write for us”

“”Real Estate”” + “”write for me”

“”Real Estate”” + “”become a contributor”

“”Real Estate”” + “”contribute to this site”

“Real Estate” + inurl:category/guest

“Real Estate” + inurl:contributors

List of Real Estate Websites To Submit Guest Post Immediately 

Here is the list of websites that you were looking for. The list is sorted based on DA, PA, Site Authority, Relevancy etc. Go through the list, pick any site and then outreach them.

I assume you already know how to pitch other guest bloggers and get your articles published. 

Let’s turn focus to the main list: 


It made the process of finding home easy like ordering dinner for two. So with consistent effort, they made renting easier for those searching for apartments and finding the best home to live. ABODO proliferated, and now it serves thousands of clients across different cities. 

Submission URL – https://www.abodo.com/blog/write-for-us-guest-post/


BM covers everything from Business, Finance to Accounting. It allows other authors to submit a compelling guest post on the topics they accept. Have you got something to share? Yes, then write now to expand brand reach, promote business, and build high-quality links

Submission URL – https://www.businessmagazine.org/write-for-us/


Want to stay updated with whatever is happening in the real estate industry? Yes, then Realty Biz News is the most reliable resource. Their audience comprises investors, consumers, realtors and contractors. The real estate experts here share in-depth articles and information geared to escalate your business.

Submission URL – https://realtybiznews.com/a-few-quick-seo-copywriting-tips-for-real-estate-bloggers/98733757/we-are-wildness-write-for-us-blogger-writing/


A blog that covers the business news and things happening in the financial world of Thailand. Would you like to become an essential part of their team of writers? Yes then write for TBN and submit a guest post now related to topics like Press Release, Real Estate, Business, Tech, Tourism etc. 

Submission URL – https://www.thailand-business-news.com/write-for-us


A got to the website for those who want to travel to America for business rather than vacationing. Here they share trustworthy information regarding experiencing, travel, investing and living. Have you got something informative to say? Yes, then share your opinions. 

Submission URL – https://www.centralamerica.com/write-for-us/


A one-stop destination for the business owners, journalists and other professionals. Here get to read thoroughly researched articles related to real estate development, reports and news. Their expert in house writers strives hard to keep you updated and bring the opportunities available at your table. 

Submission URL – https://www.commercialcafe.com/blog/write-for-us/


They help you transform your home and make it a better place for living. They assist you from start to end and help you make informed decisions like estimating the cost involved, tools required, analytics etc. It also connects homeowners with other reputed professionals like lenders, contractors and service providers. 

Submission URL – https://mykukun.com/write-for-us 


A platform that helps other buyers and service seekers choose the best software according to their firm. Through their services, it helps the businesses around gain the attention of the audience, boost brand awareness, and market share. Good firms stay at the forefront to help you stand out and get unprecedented results. 

Submission URL – https://www.goodfirms.co/write-for-us


A leading real estate news provider related to rentals and sales located in Nigeria. They provide the users best-searching experience and get in touch with verified and experienced real estate experts. Their listing includes shops, lands, houses, homes, SCO, SCF, office spaces, and other types of properties. 

Submission URL – https://www.propertypro.ng/blog/write-for-us/


Are you passionate about reading the quality news and want to excel? Yes then to do so MEET RV focuses on topics like real estate, health, lifestyle, entertainment, finance etc. If you have some ideas or stories to share then write a guest post and become a contributor. 

Submission URL – https://www.meetrv.com/write-for-us/


Their mission is to help you learn and make the right financial decisions when it comes to real estate, credit, spending, insurance and more. They share reliable and accurate information with their readers that is easy to digest and follow. 

Submission URL – https://www.moneycrashers.com/write-for-us/


A blog that combines real estate with technology. Their experienced geeky writers help other professionals understand and make the technology work for you. They aim to make you financially independent, get homeownership and real estate more easily accessible through ideal use of technology. 

Submission URL – https://geekestateblog.com/contribute/


It is the most reliable and intelligent resource when it comes to staying in touch with things happening in the Australian Property Market. Get the complete real data, in-depth analysis, practical tips and other advice you can follow to make better decisions and invest money in the right place. They also give independent expert advice to those who need it. 

Submission URL – https://www.yourinvestmentpropertymag.com.au/news/keen-to-share-your-investing-story-with-australia-231748.aspx


It stands for Mortgage Professional America and is renowned as one of the most professional and trusted sources of news, analysis, trends and opinions. They also provide real-time news to the professionals, small business owners, and poor mortgages to keep them up to date. Their newsletter covers different aspects and offers fresh news to read right into your inbox. 

Submission URL – https://www.mpamag.com/write-for-us/


The Counselors of Real Estate is an organization of hifi experts and leaders related to properties, financial, legal, and business industry. Their members are seasoned experts, great decision-makers, and have diverse knowledge related to different aspects. Expand your reach with CRE. 

Submission URL – https://www.cre.org/publications/editorial-guidelines/


One of the oldest and most significant resources for reading articles related to international trusts, offshore banking, global investments, properties, taxes etc. They aim to become the best and go-to source for those willing to enter the global world. Escape Artist also has a collection of tools available to help you achieve dreams.

Submission URL – https://www.escapeartist.com/submit-your-article-to-escape-artist/ 


A newsletter that tries hard to convey to their readers that living an exotic life is not only for those who have tons of money. Unlike other top sites, they follow different approaches and educate their audience that there are plenty of places and properties available around the world where you can live happily and safely at lower costs. 

Submission URL – https://internationalliving.com/about-il/write-for-il/


It covers the latest industry trends, provides insightful articles to read related to properties and taxes, products or services and other strategies you can follow. Their readership comprises 15000 keen professionals. 

Submission URL – https://www.ccim.com/cire-magazine/write-us/


Came to existence in the year 2010, it has rapidly become one of the best websites related to personal finance. It helps their audience take control of money and use it smartly by making better decisions. It shares actionable and resourceful content about how to invest, earn, manage and maintain wealth. 

Submission URL – https://www.thepennyhoarder.com/contributor-guidelines/


Want to write an article? Yes then Realty times accepts guest posts on different topics like women in business, listings, agents and customer advice, if you know about these then pitch them now and get an article published. Receive thousands of visitors to your site and boost brand exposure. 

Submission URL –https://realtytimes.com/submityourarticle


A site to which all industry professionals turn when they need some reliable, accurate and real-time information related to the real estate and home improvement industry. Have you got some news, insights, opinion or advice to share? Yes then become a contributor at Inman and gain desired recognition. 

Submission URL – https://www.inman.com/contributors-guidelines/


Established in the year 2014, it focuses on bestowing real estate professionals with the actual data that they can use to search better properties and optimize the profits. Mashvisor strives hard to eradicate the problems investors face while searching for the ideal property for rental or buying purpose. 

Submission URL – https://www.mashvisor.com/blog/become-a-contributor/


An online marketplace for mortgages that help the homeowners find the best reliable company at affordable rates. They provide free services to their customers. They match your requirements with a set of lenders and offer you the list to select the ideal one and get the best deal. 

Submission URL – https://thelendersnetwork.com/submit-guest-post/


A magazine that addresses the different issues and products through guides, columns and articles related to the real estate industry. They cover various topics like investment sales, supply, rents, demand, technology and more. Would you like to submit a PR, report, or some well-researched article? Yes then offer it now. 

Submission URL – https://www.naiop.org/en/Magazine/Submit.aspx


A discussion forum that lets other members and property experts share the information, trends and updates with others related to real estate development in Toronto. Their news section contains compelling stories on new growth happening around, city planning, architecture and much more. 

Submission URL – https://urbantoronto.ca/news/2019/10/writers-wanted-become-urbantoronto-contributor.39342


A community of experts that help people around learn practical tips, find the partners, do financing in a better way, avoid mistakes and make best decisions whenever required. It brings together the experts, newbies and others at one platform to escalate your knowledge. 

Submission URL – https://www.biggerpockets.com/editorial-guidelines


It aims to provide technical help to the audience through their tips, how-to guides, techniques and articles. Have you got some relevant information to share? Yes then contribute an article to THE IT BASE.  

Submission URL – https://www.theitbase.com/write-for-us/


Have you got the expertise and good knowledge about the topics related to home improvement? Yes then submit a guest post to Safe Climate. They cover different topics from Vilas, hotels to construction and building. Get your articles featured at SAFE CLIMATE and become one of their contributors. 

Submission URL – https://safeclimate.net/write-for-us/


Want to share your opinion with a global audience? Yes then get your article published here at Italy Magazine related to topics they accept like Homes, Construction, Health, Lifestyle, Finance, Accounting, and so on. Make sure to read a few of their articles before pitching to improve chances of approval. 

Submission URL – http://www.italymag.co.uk/write-for-us/


Came to existence in 1996, TC Global is a leading website when it comes to providing investment services to professionals, students, realtors, governments, and corporates. They aim to transform the existing business models and make them better for the borderless world. 

Submission URL – https://tcglobal.com/jobs/write-for-us


A glossy magazine that is meant for the readers of the Okanangan and others living in Summerland, Penticton, Vernon, and Kelowna. It covers different aspects and provides information as well as entertaining content to read. Their high-standard regular stories about homes and residences is worth reading. 

Submission URL – https://okanaganlife.com/contributors-guidelines/


It made the tiresome process of finding and then maintaining a rental home easier like a cakewalk. Their experts give renters and homeowners easier, more convenient, and more reliable property options to rent. Have you got some exciting guest posts related to homes for rent? Yes, then why not submit it? 

Submission URL – https://www.onerent.co/onerent-blog-contributor-article-request/


A directory that contains an extensive collection of buyers, sellers, and agents to help each other connect hassle-free. Unlike others, they keep the list up to date and add only verified agents with the complete contact information available. It also shares market trends, changes in industry, tools, etc. through articles. 

Submission URL – https://www.realestateagent.com/real-estate-blogger.html


Are you interested in contributing articles that educate, entertain and provoke the audience to take action? Yes then submit a guest article to Realty Ninja. Go through their submission guidelines first to improve the chances of approval. 

Submission URL – https://www.realtyninja.com/editorial-guidelines


A weekly online magazine that connects the readers with things going on in the real estate industry, issues, ideas etc. It sends a newsletter that contains the details of job options, growth, development, and other pressing problems in hand. Have you got some ideas? Yes then let it get covered immediately. 

Submission URL – http://www.elevationdcmedia.com/about/writeforus.aspx


A site that features the active marketplaces with whom you can deal to buy or sell the properties. They connect around 10 million active people willing to buy with the homeowners. Want to share your experience as a thought leader? Yes then write for an audience in millions and gain exposure. 

Submission URL – https://www.land.com/magazines/contribute/


A team of experts that create custom software for different clients around the world to provide better solutions and meet their objectives. Their clientele comprises big companies, corporates, small or medium businesses located mainly in Australia, Japan, Europe, and the USA. 

Submission URL – https://anadea.info/write-for-us


It covers a range of topics like general, business, education, fitness, real estate, technology, science, and much more. They accept guest post submissions from brilliant writers and agencies. Do you want to write for LCARSCOM? Yes then send an email to decide the topic. 

Submission URL – https://www.lcarscom.net/write-for-us/


Not any clutter or negativity, here they share the life-changing tremendous, and positive news related to the real estate industry. They aim to help the investors around meet their goals, live life in a better way full of purpose, and build wealth. To do so, they bring you all the required resources to succeed and let you decide what is right. 

Submission URL – https://thinkrealty.com/write-for-us


A company with 30 years of experience in the foreclosure domain. They provide you with an extensive database to quickly find different kinds of properties like apartments, homes, rentals, investment options, or anything you are looking for. Their sources include bankers, gov agencies, institutions and mortgage brokers. 

Submission URL – https://www.bankforeclosuressale.com/write-for-us/


It mainly focuses on showcasing different, beautiful, unique, and modern architecture located around the world. If you are an architecture, writer, artist or property developer, then submit a guest post to Strange Buildings now and gain the attention of their readers. 

Submission URL – https://strangebuildings.com/write-for-us-submit-guest-post/


A technology company that is reliable and proliferating. It connects with the businesses, startups, SME’s, Realtors, etc. around to deliver them an excellent user experience that they never witnessed before. Their elite team is good at turning your expectations into reality. 

Submission URL – https://www.excellentwebworld.com/write-for-us/


Have you got vast knowledge and expertise related to the topics like home, garden, real estate, bikes, bicycles, fitness, etc.? Yes then get your articles featured here at ECO VELLO and become one of their contributors.

Submission URL – https://ecovelo.info/write-for-us/


A reliable online platform that shares the latest information and updates with their audience. It covers topics related to business, marketing, fashion and more. Dande Life is one of the best-trusted sources. Want to share your ideas? Yes then read their guidelines first. 

Submission URL – https://dandelife.com/write-for-us/


Are you looking for real estate guest posting websites? Yes then submit an article here related to categories like Building home, Commercial construction, Home staging, Properties, Selling, Mortgage etc. 

Submission URL – https://www.fredgol.com/write-for-us/


Here they talk about different topics related to finance like Business, Investing, Insurance, Cryptocurrency, Loan, Credit Card, etc. Have you got the expertise they require? Yes then Submit a guest post now to finance, talk and promote your business. 

Submission URL – https://www.financetalk.net/write-for-us-finance-blog/


Have you got some other real estate websites to share? Yes then let us know in the comments below. 

You got the entire list of high DA guest blogging websites. Just pick any site, pitch, and get an article published. This way gain high quality and spread the word about your brand to make your oblivious audience aware of it. 

How helpful is this list for you? Let me know in the comments.

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