Write for us Tech Blogs | 50 Technology Websites that accept Guest Posts

Write for us Technology Blogs
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Write for us Tech Blogs | 50 Technology Websites that accept Guest Posts

Are you a tech blogger looking for tech guest posting sites? Yes, then below, I shared plenty of them. 

Guest posting is the method that everyone out there follows when it comes to link building, increasing brand awareness, and getting a high ranking in SERPs. But searching for tech guest blogging sites is more like finding a needle in a haystack, which means it is time-consuming and exhausting. 

Do you know how every website on the internet is striving hard to become an authority in their niche and gain the attention of the target audience? 

To overcome competition and stand out, you can begin with guest blogging on Tech related sites as your site also falls in the same niche. 

Take GUEST POSTING seriously if you want to succeed and change the face of your site for the better. 

Let’s begin with the benefits first that you can enjoy by posting high-quality content on other tech blogs.

Benefits of Tech Guest Posting on Other Websites  

  1. Quality Targeted Traffic 

You know how crucial it is to get the traffic that is interested in reading your site content and buying things or services you render. 

The reason why people love to publish content on other relevant blogs is that it helps to bring an influx of traffic that is high quality and targeted. 

They will land on your website, read content, and stay in touch for long. This way, your brand exposure will also improve. Now it’s up to you to publish high-quality content both on the other site and your own. 

Slowly, when you keep publishing content on several blogs, more traffic will increase. 

When your audience sees your articles published on other major tech blogs, then you will be recognized as an authority. Influence the people in real and impact the reader’s lives. 

If your blog or website is new, then Guest Blogging can give you a smooth start for riding the ladder of success and gaining reputation. 

  1. Diverse Link Profile 

A bundle of relevant links is what you need to prove search engines your site is high quality, credible, and an authority. Links act as votes that vouch for you. 

Search engines rely on the quality and type of links pointing to your site. 

Through guest posting, you have the chance to build a diverse link profile, which automatically pushes your site up in SERPs when someone searches any relevant keyword. 

What matters the most is the quality of the link you are getting. For example, if you published content on any poor reputation website, then all your efforts are gone in vain, and you got bad, spammy links pointing to you—eventually, no benefit. 

Thus focus on quality before quantity. Even one backlink from a high DA website is equal to 100 such links from a low DA site. So keep it in mind. 

  1. More Social Media Shares

Social media has undoubtedly become one of the most crucial parts of marketing and promotion. You cannot neglect it at any cost. 

Submitting a guest post on other tech blogs places you in front of a vast audience that is interested in sharing your content on other platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. 

Why not publish high-quality content so that the audience shares it with others, and you generate more social media shares. 

Moreover, sometimes even the blog owner tends to share the content submitted by guest authors on site’s social media handles to get more eyeballs on it. 

This way, the content becomes more visible and gains exposure. More new users will read the content and probably like it. 

Also, build your fan base and let your followers represent you. 

Apart from the above listed, also get to improve your writing skills, earn money to finance your website, improve domain authority, build online influence, and create credible portfolios. 

Now another question,” what is the best way to find tech guest blogging websites quickly?”. The next section contains an answer to this question. 

Footprints to Find Tech Guest Posting Write For Us Websites

Rather than scouting the whole internet and wasting an entire day, why not follow the easiest way to find relevant high DA guest posting sites in minutes. 

The other way is “FOOTPRINTS,” it is a set of advanced search strings that help you get precise results in seconds, no clutter. 

Simply copy-paste any of the footprints from below to get the list of hundreds of websites. Later then check the DA of those websites and begin outreaching them. 

Here is the entire list you can immediately start using: 

Technology intitle:” write for us”

Technology intitle:” write for me”

Tech intitle:” contribute to”

Tech intitle:”submit” + inurl:blog

Tech “submit a guest post”

Tech inurl:/guest-post/

Tech “guest post”

Tech “guest post by”

Tech “accepting guest posts”

Tech “guest post guidelines”

Tech “guest author”

Tech “guest article”

Tech “guest column”

Tech “become a contributor”

inpostauthor:guest Tech 

inpostauthor:” guest blog” Tech 

inpostauthor:” guest post” Tech 

Tech “guest post”

Tech “write for us”

Tech “guest article”

Tech “this is a guest post by”

Technology “contributing writer”

Tech “want to write for”

Tech “submit blog post”

Tech “contribute to our site”

Tech “guest column”

Technology “submit content”

Tech “submit your content”

Tech “submit post”

Tech “This post was written by”

Tech “guest post courtesy of”

Tech “guest posting guidelines”

Tech “suggest a post”

Tech “submit an article”

Tech “contributor guidelines”

Tech “contributing writer”

Tech “submit tech news”

Tech “become a guest blogger”

Tech “guest blogger”

Tech “guest posts wanted”

Tech “looking for guest posts”

Tech “guest poster wanted”

Tech “writers wanted”

Tech “articles wanted”

Tech “become an author”

Tech “become a guest writer”

Tech “become a contributor”

Tech “submit a guest post”

Tech “submit an article”

Tech “submit article”

Tech “guest author”

Tech “send a tip”

Tech inurl: “guest blogger”

Tech inurl: “guest post”

Tech “guest post”

Tech “write for us” Your Keyword “guest article”

Tech “guest post opportunities”

Tech “this is a guest post by”

Tech inurl: “guest post”

Tech + guest post

Tech + “top 10 resources”/” top resources”

Tech + “top 10 sites/”top sites”

Tech + “top 10 websites”/” top websites”

Tech + “top 10 articles”/ “top articles”

Tech + “top 10 tools”/” top tools”

Tech + “top 10 web resources”/” top web resources”

Tech + “top 10 internet resources”/” top internet resources”

Tech + “top 10 online resources”/” top online resources”

Tech + “recommended resources”/” suggested resources”

Tech + “useful resources”/” interesting resources”

Tech + “favorite resources”

Tech + “recommended sites”/” suggested sites”

Tech + “useful sites”/” interesting sites”

Tech + “favorite sites”

Tech + “recommended websites”/” suggested websites”

Tech + “useful websites”/” interesting websites”

Tech + “favorite websites”

Tech + intext:” this is a sponsored post”

Tech + intext:” this was a sponsored post”

Tech + intext:” this is a paid post”

Tech + intext:” this was a paid post”

Tech + intext:” this is a Sponsored review”

Tech + intext:” this was a Sponsored review”

Tech + intext:” this is a paid review”

Tech + intext:” this was a paid review”

Some other you can use as they are also related:

write for us “Android”

write for us “Mobile”

write for us “Gadgets”

write for us “smartphone”

write for us “Mobile phone”

write for us “Technology”

write for us “Software”

write for us “Laptop”

write for us “Tech News”

write for us “Mobile Company”

write for us “Electronic Device”

You can use the above list of advanced search strings for searching guest posting sites related to any niche just replace the tech word or keyword with your niche like health, digital marketing etc. 

Let’s quickly jump to the entire list now.

List of 50+ High DA Tech Guest Posting Websites That Accept Articles

The entire world revolves around technology and depends on it for almost everything. There are many tech blogs around that share their expertise and knowledge with other geeks. 

But before starting the spree, you need to ensure you have the list of high DA sites in hand, but what if I hand you the list? 

Go through the entire list, pick any site, and outreach them to submit your content and gain loads of benefits in return. 

Let’s begin then without wasting enough time. 


Read and Write brings you a host of unique topics to read ranging from Blockchain to Product Reviews to AR/VR’s. Philippe here aims to connect technology experts, investors, entrepreneurs, corporate/startups, and thought leaders with each other. 

Submission URL – https://readwrite.com/contributor-guidelines/


Also known as QOT, it is a popular community that regularly publishes content on different topics like Tech News, Social Media Buzz, Computer Softwares, Tips, and Tricks. They accept great unique content, edit your tech guest post now. 

Submission URL – https://www.quickonlinetips.com/archives/guest-blogging/


One-stop for reading well-researched tech-related news, blogging tips, technology, how to make money, and so on. With the help of All Tech Buzz also called ATB to stay updated with what’s happening around in the tech world. 

Submission URL – https://www.alltechbuzz.net/services/


A site every tech freak loves to read to get some fresh and credible information. Have you got some news, tips, or any latest information to share? Yes, then TechCrunch would love to hear. 

Submission URL – https://techcrunch.com/pages/contact-us/


Wired Magazine covers plenty of niches from explaining Space to Ideas to Tech Gear to Science. If you got something enticing to share in any of the topics they cover, then outreach now. 

Submission URL – https://www.wired.com/about/feedback/


Came to existence in 2004, Engadget has rapidly grown to become the best source of tech news, entertainment, and gaming. They host the most compelling articles, videos, features, and breaking news shared by top experts. 

Submission URL – https://www.engadget.com/2010-01-21-want-to-write-for-engadget.html


ChinaVasion has an audience of around 100,000 visitors per month and is one of the popular blogs for Tech Lovers. Read all about gadgets like android smartphones, top devices of the week, Bluetooth speakers, etc. They also allow you to submit a guest post. 

Submission URL – https://blog.chinavasion.com/write-for-us-submit-guest-post/


ZDNet strives to provide IT professionals 24/7 news coverage, information about hot topics, trends analysis, and opportunities you can make use of. Solve your business problems as ZDNet provides overall support. 

Submission URL – https://www.zdnet.com/blog/


A compelling blog related to Tech, software, Social Media, Games, Lifestyle, Apps and product reviews, and various other categories. Do you also have expertise in any of the related topics? Yes, then submit a guest post on How to Download. 

Submission URL – https://howtodownload.cc/write-for-us-tech-blog/


A multimedia website that loves to examine and share insights about how technology will change our future: the Verge is a beautiful community of vibrant and Tech enthusiastic people. Would you like to help them? Yes, then go through their guidelines and pitch them. 

Submission URL – https://www.theverge.com/community-guidelines


Gigaom helps the tech organizations to gain an understanding of their target markets and educate customers by implementing forward-thinking approaches. Their team of experts deals with data and analytics, IoT, applications, cloud, new technologies, and much more. 

Submission URL – https://gigaom.com/contact/


One of the best platforms to get information about the latest smartphones in the market by top brands and other trends in the mobile industry. This blog features articles related to softwares, gaming apps, operating systems, network operators, and so on. 

Submission URL – https://www.gsmarena.com/tipus.php3


This website shares tips regarding Operating Systems, Windows, Android, KODI, Web, Office, and much more. They are in constant search of brilliant writers who have got something incredible to share, are you then send a tip to Addictive Tips now. 

Submission URL – https://www.addictivetips.com/tip-us/


A committed source where you can learn about the latest innovations, apps, and trends happening around the globe. Their evidence-based articles are worth reading that are compiled after recent research and practice. 

Submission URL – https://elearnmag.acm.org/write-for-us.cfm


A leading site for reading the fresh inspirational content related to design, Tech, and business. Their blog posts mainly comprise techniques, tricks, tool recommendations, tutorials, and freebies that tech experts would love. Have you some fresh geeky articles to share? Yes, then submit a tech guest post. 

Submission URL – https://www.hongkiat.com/blog/write-for-us/


Read here exceptional in-depth tech articles and reviews of the latest gadgets, applications, and smartphones. Want to become a contributor here? Yes, then Tech Walls are looking for experienced writers related to the internet and Tech. 

Submission URL – https://www.techwalls.com/become-our-writer/


This blog provides you with deep insight into the news, stories, changes happening in the technology world, and other legal issues. A dynamic community writes their addictive content that can keep you hooked for hours. Submit your story, also free of cost. 

Submission URL – https://www.techdirt.com/submitstory.php


This blog aims to share free resources with the teachers which they can use in the classrooms. Richard, who himself was a best-known teacher, developed this blog, he believes that technology has the power to improve the way of education and promote engagement. 

Submission URL – https://www.freetech4teachers.com/p/work-with-me.html


A one-stop destination to read what’s happening around the world in the technology, health, environment, business, sports, and other sectors. Here you can read about anything. Do you also want to create an article? Yes, then login and register at WN. 

Submission URL – https://manage.wn.com/article/


An award-winning blog that shares appealing content apart from regular news. They cover topics such as Marketing, Innovations, Viral Videos, and Social Media that impact the marketplace. Want to share your detailed stories? Yes, then drop your article now. 

Submission URL – https://www.viralblog.com/contact/


It is a leading source of unique tech news and events happening around that provide in-depth knowledge and help the business leaders stay ahead and make the right decisions. From 5G to AI, they cover almost every hot topic. Venture Beat welcomes tech guest post authors. 

Submission URL – https://venturebeat.com/guest-posts/


An independent publisher who shares books and videos for those in touch with technology like engineers, system admins, developers, architects, and managers. Are you also well familiar with technology? Yes, then Manning would love to hear from you. 

Submission URL – https://www.manning.com/write-a-book


A Famous blog related to the technology niche. It shares content like how-to guides, IoT, tips, tricks, product reviews, computers, and other related topics. Want to submit a guest post here? Then reach out now. 

Submission URL – https://www.techgyd.com/contact/


A blog that shares tech news, gadgets, and covers the technology industry to keep you updated. Their skilled team of geeks covers topics like marketing, personal Tech, events, devices, apps, etc. Tech strives to deliver clear fresh information rather than passing rumors. 

Submission URL – https://www.amongtech.com/give-us-a-tip/


It is one of the best hubs for reading articles, tips, strategies, comments, and advice from top tech geeks. Get free resources that the developers can use and leverage from it. It also helps with running profitable advertising campaigns. Are you willing to write a leadership article? Yes, then submit now to gain recognition. 

Submission URL – https://developer-tech.com/write-for-us/


It covers different spheres like Entertainment, Technology, Lifestyle, E-commerce, and Business. It allows other brilliant writers to submit guest articles related to Hardware, Apps, Computers, Gadgets, Startup, and so on. Share your knowledge with others here. 

Submission URL – https://www.businessmagazine.org/write-for-us/


A platform that covers new technology startups around the world. Tech Startups aims to promote the startups so they can succeed in their mission and change the world into a better place. It also helps them to find potential customers and connect with them to grow the business. 

Submission URL – https://techstartups.com/contact-us/


Webku accepts guest posts on different topics like SEO, Gadgets, Apps, Reviews, Tech News, Technology, and so on. Do you have expertise in any of these topics? Yes, then share your knowledge and experience with others to educate them. 

Submission URL – https://www.webku.net/submit-a-technology-guest-post/


A professionals community that shares fresh, unique information about technology and marketing both: it is your ideal partner if you are thinking of running advertising campaigns that transform your business. Want to share your knowledge and get recognized as a thought leader? Yes, then submit a tech guest post. 

Submission URL – https://marketingtechnews.net/write-for-us/


They strive to help your business flourish by connecting your organization with target potential customers with the help of events, services, and news. Their authentic tools and editorial content help you improve all aspects of the organization. Their audience comprises entrepreneurs, tech geeks, and marketers. 

Submission URL – https://technical.ly/contributor-form/


A digital marketing, lifestyle, and technology blog. Tech Pocket accepts guest posts from other authors and experts. Want to write for them? Yes, then share your ideas, stories, reviews, and opinion with their audience by submitting a compelling piece of content on different related topics. Expand your reach and build the authority of your website. 

Submission URL – https://www.techpocket.org/write-for-us-digital-marketing-technology-blog-lifestyle


CKAB is always willing to welcome passionate writers on board. They cover different topics like computers, Tech, software, tricks, smartphones, app reviews, gadgets, and much more. Pick any you are expert in and submit a tech guest to get backlinks in return.

Submission URL – https://ckab.com/write-for-us/


A site dedicated to providing information to the tech freaks about gadgets, cybersecurity, new technology, innovation, hardware, software, AI, and more. Their writers are skilled in different domains and love to share their thoughts to educate others. 

Submission URL – https://www.computertechreviews.com/write-for-us/


One of the best websites for tech innovators. They cover major exceptional categories like Blockchain, Big Data, AI, Machine learning, and other tech topics. Have you got some fresh trending news or ideas to share? Yes, then submit a guest post. 

Submission URL – https://www.technologynewsntrends.com/write-for-us/


A professional tech blog that provides insightful and entertaining articles to feed the geeks around. From explaining the latest innovations to providing detailed tutorials, it covers everything in a better way. Read their articles to get some actionable advice to work on. 

Submission URL – https://www.techopedia.com/about/contributors


Fortech invites guest post writers to submit compelling articles on various topics like Hardware, Gadgets, Computers, Apps/Product reviews, Cloud Computing, and so on. Want to share your advice? Yes, then write an article now and expand your brand reach. 

Submission URL – https://www.fortech.org/write-for-us


It is a thriving professional community that shares articles about technology and cloud computing strategy. Their industry’s best well-researched content has its own taste, and they also feature contributors related to Tech. You are welcome to write an article for Cloud Computing News and boost your reputation. 

Submission URL – https://cloudcomputing-news.net/write-for-us/


It provides full coverage of Adtech solutions for ad agencies, tech geeks, digital advertisers, and publishers around. Here you will find insightful articles related to different topics like blockchain tech, Big data, AI, and more. They aim to share the future in a simple way for each client. 

Submission URL – https://smartyads.com/write-for-us


They were created by a group of expert entrepreneurs who want to voice out their opinions. Postin Web encourages writers around to write on the topics they accept like AI, Gadgets, IoT, Top 10’s, Tech news, etc. If you love to write thoughtful articles, then submit a guest post. 

Submission URL – https://www.postinweb.com/write-for-us/


It is a news, fashion, and entertainment website that covers different niches. They provide exceptional audience content, breaking news, and entertainment articles to read. Latest Bulletins is looking for brilliant writers if you then join their contributor’s network immediately. 

Submission URL – https://latestbulletins.com/write-for-us/


A reliable resource for reading the latest news, updates, and trends about technology: it is one of the best sites to count on if you are looking for submitting a high-quality guest post. They allow other writers to come and write for Tech today info’s audience. 

Submission URL – https://www.techtodayinfo.com/write-for-us/


Eduonix is a leading platform that creates courses and video tutorials for other geeks related to technology. It makes use of cutting edge technology and shares informative, educational articles worth reading. Want to share your expertise? Yes, then submit an article. 

Submission URL – https://blog.eduonix.com/write-for-us/


Their aim is to provide tech readers with original content to read about various topics. Tech Sightings welcome onboard freelance writers and technology experts to submit a guest article that is valuable for the blog audience.

Submission URL – https://techsightings.com/write-for-us-guest-post/


Do you have any great topic-related technology to share? Yes, then The Wonder of Tech welcomes you to submit a guest post. Pitch your topic ideas to them and make sure they don’t already cover them. They cover topics like Cool Gadgets, Social Media Tips, Helpful Tech Tips, Awesome apps, etc. 

Submission URL – http://www.wonderoftech.com/policies/guest-post-policy/


They aim to become one of the most reliable destinations when it comes to reading quality tech content. It covers topics from softwares, apps to solutions for everyday Tech-related problems. They help other tech geeks fix issues. Want to write for them? Then send your ideas. 

Submission URL – https://www.itechgyan.com/write-for-us/


Here our list ends. Now pick any site and begin outreaching them. 

Make sure you first explore their blog and then suggest topic ideas to them. 

Do you want to include your tech blog also on the list? Yes, then let me know in the comments section. 

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