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Search Engine Optimisation

We specialise in making use of innovative approaches to do SEO of your website and let it land on the first page for preferred keywords and help you attain targeted traffic organically. SEO Services include Keyword research, Link building, Full SEO audit, SEO consulting, On and Off-page SEO etc.
The client should provide all the details asked by Rank Lift Agency and also his preferences. Client shall be responsible for managing, maintaining and operating the different aspects of the website. The client should understand that the SEO Services require modifications to site which may include changes to titles, copy, structure, links and other factors that influence ranking.

Website design and development

We offer services for a website at any stage. We will improve your site structure, design, and responsiveness. These are the services that we offer Website design, Graphic designing, Website Coding, Responsive, App development and Optimization.
The client fully indemnifies the agency against any costs, actions, claims, risks and use of files and data supplied by the client to us to use for executing the services. It is the responsibility of clients to agree with all laws, taxes and tariffs related to web sites.
It’s upon the client to allow us to write custom code or not but if yes then the Rank Lift Agency holds a copyright for that code. We authorise the client to make full use of such code within confines of own business only not other. We own the right to all IP’s of websites and application until the work is done. A client must provide all details like hosting, nameservers and where a backup is located to Rank Lift Agency if asked.

Clients Responsibilities

Provide FTP access for uploading new pages and making changes. Authorise us to use all logos, trademarks, images etc. for use in specific pages and any other uses as deemed essential for search engine rankings and optimisation.A client must provide with the required content for web pages and images.

Website Changes

Rank Lift Agency is not responsible for the changes done on the site by other parties that affect rankings or site structure.

Additional Services

If a client needs extra services, then you will be charged accordingly.

Payment and renewal

By selecting any service, you agree to pay the decided fee completely. Unless you don’t notify us to cancel the subscription, it will keep renewing. If you are not satisfied with the services provided to you, then you can ask for a refund, or we will try to resolve the issue faced by you.

The responsibility of website visitors

You are required to take precautions and protect your computer systems from viruses etc. We are not responsible for the harm you face by using our website.

Copyright infringement

If in any case, you realise that the material located or linked to our site violates copyright then feel free to notify us. Rank Lift Agency immediately responds to such notices and remove the infringing material by disabling links etc. The site will terminate the access of the user who time and again tries to infringe the copyrights or other intellectual property rights. In this case, no refund of any amount will be given.

Intellectual property

The site logos, trademarks, content, service marks, graphics and other related things belong to Rank Lift Agency only, and no one is allowed to reproduce it in any way.


We hold the right to terminate your access to all or part of a website any time with or without cause or notice. Simply discontinue using this website if you don’t wish to agree to this agreement. Rank Lift Agency can terminate the site anytime as part of general shut down of service.

General Representation and Warranty

Assure your website use is in strict accordance with the privacy policy, with this agreement and with all laws and regulations in your state, country or area regarding online conduct and acceptable content. Ensure your use of the website will not infringe or harm the intellectual property of the website.