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Write for us + SEO | 50 SEO blogs that Accept Guest Posts

Are you looking for a new list of the Best SEO blogs that accept Guest Posts? Yes, then here you are at an ideal place. 

Guest Blogging in recent years has picked up the pace and become one of the most legit methods for quick link building. 

Not only it helps with creating high-quality links, but it also enables you to earn a new audience, build a reputation, and augment the website’s SEO.

SEO is an ever-changing topic, and in simple words, it is the process of following a few on-page and off-page techniques that help to increase website rankings for relevant keywords. 

To get the highest possible rank in SERPs and gain immense organic traffic, you need to focus on Link Building also (a crucial part of SEO and one of Google’s ranking factors). 

The links that you will obtain for SEO blogs (as your blog also belongs to the SEO category) vouch for Google that the site is relevant and authoritative in its niche. 

So why not begin by posting high-quality Content on other similar blogs and become a contributor? 

Let’s first understand a few things to make your spree easier then move on to the actual list. 

Benefits of Guest Posting at High-Authority SEO Blogs

As you all know, Guest Blogging is excellent for boosting the SEO of the website. If you have a newly built website, then publishing Content on other authority SEO blogs is the quickest way of getting links and improving SEO rather than following different strategies. 

Below i listed few of the benefits that you can instantly reap: 

Diverse link profile – Google loves and rank those sites which have high-quality backlinks from other relevant websites. Links work as votes that vouch for search engines that site is credible, relevant, and of high quality. 

Remember, you will only begin to leverage from a website if it appears in search engine results otherwise nothing. 

So pitching other bloggers and publishing articles on their blog can help you earn Do-follow or No-follow links, which boost the link profile of the site. 

Like with every guest post, you can expect that the traffic from other blogs will flow to yours, which means more traffic. Every relevant link from another site helps you site pages to perform and rank better. 

This way, the organic traffic will also grow. When you have enough links, then your site will automatically start showing up in SERPs whenever someone searches a relevant keyword. 

High-Quality backlinks, along with boosting SEO, also improve Domain Authority. 

Build Authority – What if I ask you how much time you need to post on at least 45 sites in the SEO niche? Your answer might be a few months. 

I can show you what happens. Some naive bloggers or those who have little knowledge of Content Marketing will spend days or months looking for sites where they can publish. Often what happens is – you may have found 45 great sites, and out of it, only ten said “YES, I am happy to have your Content published on your website.”

Feel glad that at least you got ten sites, but imagine how much time and energy went into vain. You can have utilized it somewhere else. Once you learnt how to roll the dice and tap into the power of guest blogging, things will start falling in place for you. 

When people or say your audience on other blogs found your articles published on almost every other blog relevant to travel. They will perceive you as popular and authoritative. 

Rather than spending years dreaming of becoming famous, Guest Blogging has the power to turn your vague site into an authority blog in a few months, provided you know HOW. If not, then I am here to answer.

Along with this some other benefits you can enjoy are more organic traffic, high brand awareness and better rankings in SERPs. 

Utilize the saved time in enhancing your writing skills and create epic posts to submit immediately. Without wasting much time, let’s get started. 

Footprints to Find More Guest Posting Opportunities in SEO

Footprints are advanced search operators that give you desired relevant results in seconds.

Below I shared some of the footprints you can use to find SEO guest posting websites. Simply copy the footprint and paste it into the Google Search Bar. 

Here is the entire list: 

SEO “guest post”

SEO “write for us”

SEO “guest article”

SEO “guest post opportunities”

SEO “this is a guest post by”

SEO “contributing writer”

SEO “want to write for”

SEO “submit blog post”

SEO “contribute to our site”

SEO “guest column”

SEO “submit content”

SEO “submit your content”

SEO “submit post”

SEO “This post was written by”

SEO “guest post courtesy of”

SEO “guest posting guidelines”

SEO “suggest a post”

SEO “submit an article”

SEO “contributor guidelines”

SEO “contributing writer”

SEO “submit news”

SEO “become a guest blogger

SEO “guest blogger”

SEO “guest posts wanted”

SEO “looking for guest posts”

SEO “guest posts wanted”

SEO “guest poster wanted”

SEO “accepting guest posts”

SEO “writers wanted”

SEO “articles wanted”

SEO “become an author”

SEO “become guest writer”

SEO “become a contributor”

SEO “submit guest post”

SEO “blogs that accept guest posts”

SEO “submit an article”

SEO “submit article”

SEO “guest author”

SEO “send a tip”

SEO inurl: “guest blogger”

SEO inurl: “guest post”

allintitle: SEO + guest post

Learn to use them effectively, make combinations, and get results in merely seconds. 

Now let’s get to the central part. 

List of SEO blogs Where you can submit your Guest Article

Below, the sites listed are included in the list based on DR, UR, Relevancy, DA, and PA. So don’t worry, pick any, outreach them, and get your article published. 


Since 1968, Campaign live has been an authentic source of providing real-time latest news and analysis to professionals, marketers, advertisers, and media experts around the world. They teach you everything you need to know to entice and keep customers. 

Succeed in your role and learn some new skills to shape your brand in a better way. 

DA:- 82 PA:- 59 DR:- 85 UR:- 79

Submission URL – https://www.campaignlive.co.uk/contact


It teaches you the way to reengineer your brand and get all the essential resources required to adapt to the digital, eCommerce, and marketing world. They have worked with many reputed digital marketing companies around the world. 

Have you got some insightful original and unique content to share? Yes, then write to them now. 

DA:- 79 PA:- 62 DR:- 88 UR:- 82

Submission URL – https://econsultancy.com/do-you-want-to-write-for-econsultancy/


It is a simple online advertising management tool that helps you efficiently manage popular platforms like Google Adwords, Facebook ads, and Bing ads. 

Using wordstream, you can easily create ads, monitor campaigns, check results, analyze, and easily make changes to PPC and Paid campaigns according to the data obtained. Try their other free tools also. 

DA:- 83 PA:- 64 DR:- 90 UR:- 82

Submit to – https://www.wordstream.com/blog/ws/2013/05/15/web-content-writers-wanted


Mangools brings you a host of versatile SEO tools like Keyword Finder, SERP Checker, Link Miner, etc. loaded with compelling features. 

Their detailed SEO guides, Keyword Research techniques to outrank your competitors, and thoroughly researched case studies are enough to escalate your knowledge. 

Have you got the talent to write similar actionable articles? Yes, then outreach now. 

DA:- 40 PA:- 49 DR:- 72 UR:- 55

Submission URL – https://mangools.com/blog/write-for-us/


An SEO company that is known for offering a variety of white hat services that entirely focuses on turning your business into something big. Unlike others, until you don’t see desired results or rank high in SERPs, they don’t charge a penny. 

Moreover, their audience comprises content marketers, SEO experts, social media specialists, digital marketers, etc. Make your move. 

DA:- 43 PA:- 50 DR:- 68 UR:- 51

Submission URL – https://www.rankpay.com/write-for-us/


A knowledgeable space where you will find everything from website creation to optimizing and promoting your website. The articles are listed in an impressive captivating pattern worth noticing. 

They are backed by top brands in different niches to create guides read by a vast audience. 

Want to begin with SEO Guest posting? Consider publishing on Satori Studio.

DA:- 35 PA:- 55 DR:- 83 UR:- 81

Submission URL – https://satoristudio.net/write-for-us/


An SEO tool that lets you manage site backlinks and monitor it 24/7. Receive prompt email notifications whenever the shift happens in backlinks or status changes. 

You don’t need to spend countless hours anymore. Curious enough, you can begin with their 30-day trial and subscription plans. Look over their popular articles section too. 

DA:- 41 PA:- 40 DR:- 69 UR:- 28

Submission URL – https://blog.linkody.com/write-for-us


A fully operational digital marketing company that hosts an array of extensive services rendered by its experts. Their tailor-made services that use cutting-edge technology bestow clients with only what they need, nothing futile. 

Help REGEX SEO achieve its passion for serving customers honestly by submitting an SEO Guest post and becoming a contributor.  

DA:- 32 PA:- 38 DR:- 66 UR:- 44

Submission URL – https://www.regexseo.com/write-for-us.php


A site on which the webmasters rely to check whether everything is running in order or not using their crawling & auditing tool. Get detailed audit reports in mins with changes required to be made.

Have you got some articles containing practical tips or strategies to share? Yes, then proceed to publish an SEO guest post. 

DA:- 37 PA:- 43 DR:- 65 UR:- 49

Submission URL – https://seomator.com/blog/write-for-us


An ideal place to monitor and manage multiple campaigns from different channels. The marketing agencies use it widely for auditing, backlink monitoring, tracking, so on and detect errors. 

You have an arsenal of clients then easily manage or create custom dashboards for them and keep an eye on the progress. Agency Analytics made things easier. 

DA:- 45 PA:- 47 DR:- 71 UR:- 53

Submission URL – https://agencyanalytics.com/blog/write-for-us


They are recognized as the top SEO company in India. It provides a variety of services comprising digital marketing, social media management, and web solutions to help you manage any business online effectively. Obtain remarkable results with higher ROI. 

Ranking by SEO welcomes guest writers to submit articles related to SEM, PPC, Social Media, How to guide, and detailed unique case studies. 

DA:- 41 PA:- 49 DR:- 62 UR:- 23

Submission URL – https://blog.rankingbyseo.com/write-for-us/


Are you looking to hire SEO experts? Yes, then count on SEO Blog to find the list of best Ecommerce, Amazon, Local, or any SEO companies. Save time and pick the best one. 

It is one of the fastest-growing blogs and is open to SEO guest posts. They are happy to welcome influential and knowledgeable writers. 

DA:- 42 PA:- 41 DR:- 68 UR:- 39

Submission URL – https://www.seoblog.com/contribute/


Outbrain is an advertising platform that makes exploring new things easier online. It helps advertisers reach intended customers on the web and let publishers manage, monetize, and drive more engagement. 

If you have some exceptional content to share, then outbrain welcomes you. To keep their sanctity, read guest blogging guidelines first.

DA:- 81 PA:- 63 DR:- 85 UR:- 83

Submission URL – https://www.outbrain.com/blog/guest-blogging-guidelines/


Inbound marketing software that helps the customers grow and succeed in their endeavors. Each product is sturdy but better when used together. 

Read Marketing, customer success, lead generation, sales, and content marketing-related guides and articles.

Hubspot’s marketing blog has traffic in millions, and they are looking for brilliant contributors to join the team. Pitch now. 

DA:- 91 PA:- 74 DR:- 92 UR:- 83

DA:PA – 91:74

DR:UR – 92:83

Submission URL – https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing-guest-blogging-guidelines


SML is a tight-knit blog community for those who just started blogging and want to be their boss eventually. It focuses on online marketing, money-making strategies, detailed WordPress, and affiliate marketing guides. 

Its 978000 subscribers speak for its success. Those looking for an SEO blog with write for us are welcome here to contribute an article. 

DA:- 72 PA:- 60 DR:- 80 UR:- 53

Submission URL – https://www.shoutmeloud.com/join-shoutmeloud


Launched in 2009, with the help of dozens of writers, they published the sought-after Content that helps entrepreneurs to build efficient sites and earn money online. 

Go through their educational courses and software products to write even better. Are you interested in submitting an article? Yes, then do it and get dollars paid for it. 

DA:- 59 PA:- 55 DR:- 71 UR:- 47

Submission URL – https://www.incomediary.com/write-for-incomediary


Here Matthew shares detailed guides, case studies, and tutorials to help you learn a few intricate things about internet marketing, lead generation, traffic building, freelancing, and much more. Learn some handy tips and tricks to follow if you are a marketing beginner.

Want to learn how to use specific products and improve your website? You know where to go. 

DA:- 51 PA:- 56 DR:- 76 UR:- 79

Submission URL – https://www.matthewwoodward.co.uk/work/ideas/freelance-writing-jobs/


A blogging community where the bloggers and writers submit topics related to niches like SEO, Social Networking, Digital Marketing, money-making, or anything related. 

Their goal is to help you build new relationships, create new insightful Content, generate more sales, and distribute Content on plenty of platforms. You can also send your articles for submission. 

DA:- 46 PA:- 54 DR:- 60 UR:- 16

Submission URL – http://www.blogengage.com/blogger/guest-blog/


Get to learn all you need to know about the blogosphere, from link-building tips to the tools you can use to marketing advice. Also renowned as a top free guest posting site for beginners and professionals. 

The tips mentioned here related to designing, maintaining, promoting, and monetizing blogs help you excel in the long run. 

DA:- 56 PA:- 53 DR:- 75 UR:- 28

Submission URL – http://dailyblogtips.com/daily-blog-tips-guest-post-guidelines/


A Tech Blog where you can read about some cool gadgets to buy, review, and the reasons to make it yours. All sorts of latest news relative to technology can be found here at Tech Walls. 

They are looking for experienced writers who are technology and internet freaks if so then submit your posts now to become a contributor.

DA:- 57 PA:- 53 DR:- 55 UR:- 42

Submission URL – https://www.techwalls.com/become-our-writer/


Gail Gardner here shares thoughtful knowledge regarding local search, social media networking, technology, link building, blogging, advisory articles, etc. to help your business grow ten folds. 

Their Growmap Anti Spam Plugin is quite popular among top bloggers and entrepreneurs. Contact her on Skype to begin writing an SEO-optimized Guest Post. 

DA:- 49 PA:- 51 DR:- 60 UR:- 53

Submission URL – https://growmap.com/growmap-guest-blogging-guidelines/


SEO Hacker, where you can get the latest information related to Digital Marketing. Their focus is to teach the SEO experts what they must know through advice, lessons, tutorials, tips, and tricks. 

Use their SEO tools to improve the overall face of your website. Their blog section does not contain general guides but detailed practical articles. 

DA:- 51 PA:- 51 DR:- 74 UR:- 49

Submission URL – https://seo-hacker.com/guest-post/


A #1 blog & reliable source to know what goes into content writing and marketing and how to do it better. Their mission to keep everything transparent and share practical advice with others that have helped many entrepreneurs excel.

Writing for CopyBlogger means you have to exceed typical standards and offer them excellent articles to post. 

DA:- 77 PA:- 61 DR:- 86 UR:- 84

Submission URL – https://copyblogger.com/guest-post-guidelines/


HBB is fueled by Pradeep Kumar who is renowned as one of the best bloggers of India, shares here blogging secrets and exciting tips to follow. 

It is currently the fastest-growing web and blog community. It concentrates on topics like ethical hacks, software, tutorials, product reviews, and security tips with offbeat information available. HBB is also a favorite place for SEO guest bloggers. 

DA:- 46 PA:- 49 DR:- 59 UR:- 45

Submission URL – https://hellboundbloggers.com/join-hbb/


SEW is a high authority and most credible site that shares tips and information about search engine optimization provided by senior digital marketing and SEO professionals having years of experience. 

With time, it has earned a highly loyal readership that earns them millions of readers per month. Want to share your voice? Yes, then become a contributor now. 

DA:- 81 PA:- 66 DR:- 89 UR:- 85

Submission URL – https://www.searchenginewatch.com/become-a-contributor.html


A site for everything you need to know whether it is which google algorithm is updated lately or want to read something beyond the regular Content available on the internet. 

With SEL, stay updated with breaking news, announcements, algo changes, and industry trends related to search engines and reach intended customers online. 

DA:- 90 PA:- 70 DR:- 89 UR:- 85

Submission URL – https://searchengineland.com/how-to-become-a-guest-contributor


An online marketing agency that provides digital marketing solutions to help different businesses grow and leave their mark. They’re out of box thinking experts to come in handy when you need to develop unique marketing strategies. 

Market Domination Media specializes in web designing, search engine optimization, content marketing, and designing custom solutions. 

DA:- 49 PA:- 44 DR:- 62 UR:- 47

DA:PA – 49:44

DR:UR – 62:47

Submission URL – http://marketdominationmedia.com/write-for-us/


A bunch of dedicated and passionate marketers who help businesses grow, learn and perform better. You need the services that bring out the intended results, the web results can help you, and they have been doing so since 1999. 

Have you got some fresh marketing guides to share? Yes, become a guest contributor now. 

DA:- 34 PA:- 41 DR:- 63 UR:- 45

Submission URL – https://www.ewebresults.com/become-a-guest-contributor/


One of the best Magento 2 extension builders with years of experience. Their sole mission is to provide cost-effective services to the businesses after understanding what their customer needs and wants to achieve. 

Pay one time and use their services for a lifetime. Mageplaza works on consistently improving products to make them better and help you boost sales. 

DA:- 43 PA:- 52 DR:- 78 UR:- 76

Submission URL – https://www.mageplaza.com/become-contributor.html


Top SEOS is renowned as an authority website where you can find a list of reliable vendors or service providers related to digital marketing. They connect businesses with customers who need their services. 

With a dedicated presence, It has made a significant impact in the internet marketing world. Want to get your company listed? Reach out now. 

DA:- 39 PA:- 53 DR:- 70 UR:- 14

Submission URL – https://www.topseos.com/blog/contribute


A Digital Marketing Agency that renders top-notch services to help you evolve and excel in your online business. Their high standards of working and commitment have earned them many prestigious clients. 

Their array of services includes SEO, PPC, Web Design, Development, SEO, Conversion rate optimization, and the list goes on. The good news is they allow SEO guest posting. 

DA:- 39 PA:- 53 DR:- 62 UR:- 54

Submission URL – https://www.techmagnate.com/blog/become-a-contributor/


A tech blog where you get to read compelling posts about Business, Digital Marketing, SEO, Technology, etc. They have traffic in millions who are keen to start, grow, and thrive in their business. 

Have you got something similar to share? Yes, submit a guest post and win a Do-Follow backlink in return. 

DA:- 60 PA:- 46 DR:- 69 UR:- 78

Submission URL – https://www.webku.net/submit-a-technology-guest-post/


A blog dedicated to making the life of writers better. Here the articles contain actionable advice to help a beginner and pro writer learn everything about SEO, Blogging, Freelancing, and Marketing. 

If you are also a freelancer or brilliant writer, then they are keen to read what you have got. 

DA:- 56 PA:- 46 DR:- 73 UR:- 35

Submission URL – https://thewritelife.com/write-for-us/


It is a popular Social Media Management tool used by nearly 15 million people (Bloggers, social media experts, marketers, etc.). From scheduling posts to dealing with queries of customers to finding the right time, Hootsuite does everything. 

Try it out and begin by choosing their plan. 

DA:- 90 PA:- 63 DR:- 91 UR:- 75

Submission URL – https://blog.hootsuite.com/pitch-write-hootsuite-blog-post/


The adage also called the AD Age, is a reliable source for those in the marketing and media industry. Their influential audience comprises decision-makers and entrepreneurs. 

This brand mainly focuses on creativity, correct data, innovation, and people. Send a mail now to become a contributor here. 

DA:- 89 PA:- 67 DR:- 90 UR:- 76

Submission URL – https://adage.com/section/contact-us#editorial


Get an overall great view of search engine marketing and changes happening in search engines like algorithms etc. 

If you have got the latest real updates, news, product review, or article to share, then the SEO roundtable awaits you to become a contributor now. 

DA:- 76 PA:- 62 DR:- 84 UR:- 82

Submission URL – https://www.seroundtable.com/contact.php


A leading reliable blog to learn in detail about digital marketing, media, and publishing that help the decision-makers and business persons around. It covers the latest news, strategies, tools and connects with leaders to keep their audience ahead of the competition and maximize their return on investments on Digital Content. 

DA:- 57 PA:- 53 DR:- 75 UR:- 17

Submission URL – http://www.econtentmag.com/downloads/guides/Author_Guidelines.pdf


A powerful tool that helps to post on your favorite social media handles automatically. It works more like your social media marketing team. It quickly scans your content sources and publishes photos, blogs, and articles. 

If you have got some different opinions or how-to articles, then write for them. 

DA:- 62 PA:- 41 DR:- 73 UR:- 31

Submission URL – https://blog.dlvrit.com/write-for-us/


Almost every other blogger or marketer around struggles to garner emails of the visitors, and to make this easy; SUMO came up with a suite of marketing tools. Using this, grow your eCommerce business and work well on your email marketing campaigns. 

DA:- 68 PA:- 58 DR:- 83 UR:- 84

Submission URL – https://sumo.com/stories/content-sumo


Here you get to learn about different things like gadgets, cybersecurity, technology, AI, IoT, and a lot more to stay in sync with what’s happening around the world. 

Are you an expert in some specific category? Yes, then share your thoughts and views in the form of an article, blog post, how-to guides, or reviews. 

DA:- 52 PA:- 50 DR:- 61 UR:- 34

Submission URL – https://www.computertechreviews.com/seo-write-for-us/


A sturdy pack with advanced features tool for tracking rank and how your site is performing based on language, search engine, location, and device. It provides insightful data that can be used to further create strategies for growing your business. 

Get your dashboard, run competitor analysis, and generate more revenue.

DA:- 56 PA:- 56 DR:- 78 UR:- 80

Submission URL – https://www.advancedwebranking.com/contact.html


A community of successful and outstanding bloggers who consistently share with others the tips and techniques to grow our blogs and businesses along with it. 

They love to publish unique Content that instantly bestows big and small brands or businesses with new ideas to succeed. Reach out now. 

DA:- 52 PA:- 53 DR:- 60 UR:- 54

Submission URL – https://www.successful-blog.com/got-a-success-story-or-tip-to-share/


A kind of tool that serves every small to big business by developing strategies and practical tips to help them promote customer engagement and automate email marketing. 

Their simple and powerful tools are enough to create compelling and profitable campaigns. Communicate in the best way with your customers through Benchmark Email. 

DA:- 64 PA:- 62 DR:- 83 UR:- 82

Submission URL – https://www.benchmarkemail.com/contact/


Visual Content is the future. Here at Infographic Journal, you will find different appealing infographics related to various topics helping you understand and quickly grab information. 

Have you got some infographics to share? Then submit now and get featured. 

DA:- 55 PA:- 50 DR:- 68 UR:- 46

Submission URL – https://infographicjournal.com/submit-infographics/


A blog that provides the new and latest information in the form of blogs, podcasts, video content, and business, etc. It covers major topics like real estate, military, marketing, politics, sports, business, blogging, and parenting. 

Get the knowledge to establish your business, grow a brand, and increase your audience. Their audience comprises bloggers, marketers, entrepreneurs, influencers, and other experts. 

DA:- 50 PA:- 51 DR:- 63 UR:- 45

Submit to – https://www.blogworld.com/how-to-submit-a-guest-blog-post-to-the-nmx-blog/


Kuno Creative helps to gain more leads with the help of demand generation, marketing algorithms, and content marketing. It allows the CMO’s around the world to develop strategies that work and provide more conversion rates. 

Get the most out of your marketing campaigns with Kuno Creative. Want to guest for them? Yes, then submit a topic now about different types of marketing and lead generation. 

DA:- 51 PA:- 51 DR:- 71 UR:- 45

Submission URL – https://www.kunocreative.com/guest-blog-guidelines


Here you can learn about Guerilla Marketing and spread knowledge about different techniques to make advertisements perform better. 

Here they share their passion for advertising and creative thinking to encourage other marketers and advertisers around the world to follow unconventional techniques. Learn new ways and strategies. 

DA:- 58 PA:- 52 DR:- 70 UR:- 19

Submission URL – http://www.creativeguerrillamarketing.com/contribute/


A blog dedicated to inspiring and helping those who work on WordPress platforms. Here get all the in-depth information about WordPress you need to know through the insightful, useful, and latest articles. They cover topics like plugins, tutorials, SEO, Plugins, etc. 

Want to guest post here? Then go through the guidelines first and submit a piece of relevant quality content. 

DA:- 78 PA:- 74 DR:- 93 UR:- 86

Submission URL – https://themegrill.com/blog/write-for-us/


Here find some great tutorials and guides regarding how to build professional websites and other strategies that can help businesses, webmasters, and bloggers. 

Get started from Binpress and learn how to grow your business and gain more target customers. Have you got something regarding SEO, web designing, or marketing to share? Then write and submit an article now. 

Submission URL – https://www.binpress.com/write-for-us/


You can publish guest posts on other relevant niches to SEO are digital marketing, Social media marketing, Search engine marketing, blogging, etc. 

Make sure before pitching the site; you explore their website to become familiar with it and make them believe that you are genuinely interested in publishing a guest post.

Don’t just throw the same pitch to every blogger. Leverage the above list shared and build high-quality links as well as gain target audience attention. 

BONUS – 50+ Digital marketing blogs to submit your Guest article

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