Write for us Travel Guest Blogging Sites ( 50+ High Authority Travel Blogs )

write for us travel blogs
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Write for us Travel Guest Blogging Sites ( 50+ High Authority Travel Blogs )

The dire need to create more relevant links has brought you here, or maybe you are already done with searching for “Best Travel Guest Blogging Sites” and found nothing. 

Don’t feel hopeless. The internet is filled with a myriad of ways listed that teach you how to build links, gain more traffic, market content effectively, etc. But out of all the mentioned ways, Guest Posting is undoubtedly the quickest way. 

Whether your website is new or well-established, posting relevant content on other same niche blogs, allows you to reap benefits like gaining immense traffic, creating backlinks, boosting authority, and much more. 

Not everybody thinks the same. Some content marketers, bloggers, and even entrepreneurs claim that “Guest Blogging is Dead.” These are the same people who say “SEO is dead”. Earlier, things were different as bloggers tend to use unethical practices which earned guest posting evil fame. 

The good news is, Guest blogging still has a foreseeable bright future. But it is beneficial for you only if you know how to do it and tap into its tremendous power effectively. 

The problem is, “How to find good websites for travel guest posting and submit an article?”

Without throwing cold water on, let me tell you it’s not as easy as you suppose and I am here today to help you with the same. 

Before surprising you with the list of travel guest blogs with a write-for-us page where you can easily guest post by outreaching them, let us go through HOWs. 

How Posting on Travel Guest Posting Sites Benefits Your Website 

Though there are innumerable ways to do link building, I count on Guest Blogging because it brings along some quick benefits. 

Does travel writing interest you? Yes, then there are plenty of travel blogs around waiting to welcome you on board. 

Even for a while, don’t feel disheartened by thinking about how writing for others can benefit you in the long run. It can work for sure. 

Be ready to feel surprised by counting the number of benefits mentioned below that you can enjoy. Let’s progress: 

Get Targeted Traffic

Starting a website is always exciting, but bringing traffic on it is an uphill task. You do everything correctly from setting up an excellent theme to posting top-notch articles, but no one bothers to heed. But doing guest posting can do wonders here and bring tons of targeted traffic. 

Understand, the surge of traffic that you will gain from others’ blogs is utterly interested in reading what you offer. So, keep things exciting and lookout for ways to retain them. 

Keep in mind, the blog you are about to outreach must be credible, relevant, and overall useful enough considering the stats.

Improve Writing

By just posting 4-5 articles, you cannot call yourself an expert. I started blogging in 2016, and if I now compare, I can proudly say my writing improved a lot. 

The same can happen with you only if you are willing to work diligently. Expertise comes with consistent writing. The travel blogs with the write for us section allowed you to earn it. 

I don’t mean just posting rubbish on others’ sites and ruining it. 

Do proper research and craft top-notch articles. By consistently posting on other relevant sites, you may end up becoming the best writer in your niche with a huge fanbase. 

Work on your writing skills to win the opportunity to land a guest post on a top-notch blog in your niche. Save both time and money. 

Expand Brand Awareness

What’s the primary purpose of writing content? Indeed, it is to convert visitors to leads, customers, subscribers, etc., and make them buy from you. 

You have to start from somewhere, and guest posting on top travel sites gives you that beginning. 

It seems interesting; just by posting informative posts on other blogs, you can get the intended audience. Do less leg work and reap unprecedented results. 

With time, you will become an authority in the travel niche. This all begins with having a list of travel guest blogging sites in hand, be patient shortly I will reveal the entire list. 

Always read the guidelines beforehand to improve your chances of getting approval and submit posts easily. 

Apart from the above major ones I listed some more benefits that you can enjoy our strong online presence, finding opportunities to network with other bloggers, drive in more profit in terms of revenue, generate leads, and become credible. 

Since the competition is increasing day by day, search engines love and rank only those sites which are good enough from every aspect. That site can be yours also only if you write for travel guest post sites in a way they expect. 

There is a vast difference between guest posting methods before and now. Audiences fall in love with those sites which provide them with what they are looking for. 

I suppose you are already familiar with how to outreach them, what to look for, how to craft a well-formatted email, what type of articles to publish, and so on. 

Footprints to find more travel guest posting blogs and submit an article

But here, I can help you with how to find travel guest posting sites, using footprints. 

In simple words, Footprints are a combination of search operators that you can use to get the most relevant results in a jiff rather than spending the whole day finding some travel guest blogging sites. 

Footprints give you the capability to search beyond the regular search. This is what the peers use to find plenty of sites related to any niche and become a contributor. 

You don’t need to search for the sites using search footprints that accept articles from other guest bloggers, or you can do so. I also shared the footprints below you can instantly use to get relevant results.   

Simply copy and paste the footprints I shared below in the search engine search box and hit enter to get the most relevant results. Save the results and create a list to further outreach them.  

Here it is: 

Travel + “Write For Us”

Travel + “Submit A Guest Post”

Travel + “Guest Post Guidelines”

Site:.com intitle:write-for-us “Travel”

[Travel ]” +” write for us”

“[Travel ]” +” write for me”

“[Travel ]” +” become a contributor”

“[Travel ]” + “guest post”

“[Travel ]” +” blogging guidelines”

“[Travel ]” + “guest post guidelines”

“[Travel ]” +” contribute”

“[Travel ]” + “guest column”

“[Travel ]” +” submit a guest post”

“[Travel ]” + “accepting guest posts”

“[Travel ]” + “Now Accepting Guest Posts”

“[Travel ]” +” contribute to this site”

“[Travel ]” + “guest post by”

“[Travel ]” + “this is a guest contribution”

“[Travel ]” + “contributing writer”

“[Travel ]” + “guest author”

“[Travel ]” + The following guest post”

“[Travel ]” + “guest blogger”

“[Travel ]” + “guest column”

“[Travel ]” + “guest article”

“[Travel ]”+ inurl:guest-posts

“[Travel ]” + inurl:write-for-us

“[Travel ]” + inurl:guest-post-guidelines

“[Travel ]” + inurl:profiles/blog/new

“[Travel ]”+ inurl:category/guest

“[Travel ]”+ inurl:contributors

“[Travel ]” intitle:” write for us”

“[Travel ]” intitle:” write for me”

“[Travel ]” intitle:” contribute to”

“[Travel ]” intitle:”submit” + inurl:blog

“[Travel ]” “submit a guest post”

“[Travel ]” inurl:/guest-post/

“[Travel ]” “guest post”

“[Travel ]” “guest post by”

“[Travel ]” “accepting guest posts”

“[Travel ]” “guest post guidelines”

“[Travel ]” “guest author”

“[Travel ]” “guest article”

“[Travel ]” “guest column”

“[Travel ]” “become a contributor”

inpostauthor: guest keyword

inpostauthor:” guest blog” “Travel”

inpostauthor:” guest post” “Travel”

And many more. 

Understand how these footprints work and become capable of tweaking them according to requirements. Coming back to the topic, let’s go through the main list. 

List of 50 Best Travel blogs with Write For Us Page That Accept Guest Posts 

The list of these travel guest posting sites is composed of the DR, traffic type, relevancy, rankings, reputation, and other various crucial factors.

I disclosed the list to you, hoping it will save you plenty of time, money, and other valuable resources.

Now it’s up to you to outreach the prospects and submit a well-written article. I expect you to go through their guidelines and terms of conditions beforehand to minimize your chances of facing rejection. 

It took me a few months to compile the list of travel sites with write for our pages, and some of them pay also. But you don’t need to spend an inch of time, just scroll through the list and get started. 

If you want to give value to your audience and save some time, then here is the list of 50 Free Best Travel Guest Posting sites.


The name reckons when you search for top travel blogs. They have something for every wanderlust around. Find the type of content you are looking for. Explore the destinations you have never been to. 

DA: PA – 92:74

DR: UR – 90:87 

Submission URL – https://www.lonelyplanet.com/about/contribute


A unique website where the women freelancers write content for women related to travel. Want to read about solo, adventure, couples, family, luxury, or any type of Travel, then the quest ends here. 

DA:PA – 46:42

DR:UR – 43:40

Submission URL – https://wearetravelgirls.com/write-for-us/


A blog by Vaughan and Lauren, here explore the different nooks of continents and find places worth visiting. Go through their product reviews section; you may find some fascinating gadgets to buy. 

DA:PA – 46:41

DR:UR – 48:39

Submission URL – https://thetravelmanuel.com/write-for-us/


It is a site with great thoughtful content worth reading from chapters that comprise different locations explored to events conducted for empowering people. Also, receive perks in case you want to write for them. 

DA:PA – 50:38

DR:UR – 43:53

Submission URL – https://sheswanderful.com/contribute


Are you a naive person then begins your travel spree from Practical Wanderlust. Find complete information you need to enjoy your first vacation well. Also, get a virtual tour of Disneyland and Norway in winter and much more.

DA:PA – 49:46

DR:UR – 58:45

Submission URL – https://practicalwanderlust.com/write-us-guest-post/


An authentic source of Travel related news and the destinations you might love to explore. Their in-depth travel guides, cultural information, and trip ideas are enough to push you to begin packing and start travelling. 

DA:PA – 40:40

DR:UR – 61:31

Submission URL – https://www.royalstravels.com/write-for-us/ 


A one-stop blog where you will find the unique collection of 5-star hostels situated at different places. If you are a local guide expert, then here is your chance. 

DA:PA – 50:47

DR:UR – 55:44

Submission URL – https://hostelgeeks.com/write-for-us/


They got a flair for writing that reflects in their thoughtful travel guides, trends, ideas, and itineraries. They have been to some major tourist destinations that you would also love to explore someday. 

DA: PA -72:45

DR: UR – 79:34 

Submission URL – https://in.lastminute.com/blog/write-for-us/


A bunch of travel nomads who started travelling a few years back and still on it. Richard established Nomads World with the intention that nobody faces problems in finding hostels at different prominent locations. 

DA:PA – 55:46

DR:UR – 60:47

Submission URL – https://nomadsworld.com/write-for-us/


Read all about Oregon here. Learn how to plan your trip and find a bunch of places to explore in Oregon with things to do. In case you got something unique to share, then proceed.

DA:PA – 65:56

DR:UR – 77:82

Submission URL – https://traveloregon.com/write-travel-oregon/


A leading website in the travel industry. Here you will read a plethora of inspirational guides, photo stories, and much more. Came into existence in 2008, consistently serving different travel fanatics. Admire, enjoy, and grow with them. 

DA:PA – 68:55

DR:UR – 71:73

Submission URL – https://theplanetd.com/write-for-theplanetd/


Their sole aim is to inspire other travelers around the world and give them something valuable. Be ready to find here informative, unusual, and original travel stories along with what to eat and drink.

DA:PA – 72:62

DR:UR – 76:83

Submission URL – https://www.hostelbookers.com/blog/travel/write-for-us/


An unusual blog fueled by adventurers, nomads, explorers and wanderlusts that let you smell aromas, taste delicious food, explore narrow streets, and walk down aisles. See what the international travel destinations hold for you. 

DA:PA – 50:51

DR:UR – 57:45

Submission URL – https://www.goworldtravel.com/submissions/


A one-stop blog. In mins decide where to go next, what flights to book with seamless entertainment and discover popular destinations. Do try the activities and other exciting things to do on your next vacation. 

DA:PA – 60:54

DR:UR – 69:78

Submission URL – https://www.opodo.co.uk/blog/write-for-opodo/


By Asheville travelers for the Asheville lovers. Explore in-depth every nook and cranny from the perspective of local guides and street experts in an authentic way. You got local experience then began writing. 

DA:PA – 62:57

DR:UR – 76:80

Submission URL – https://www.exploreasheville.com/write-for-us/


Inspiring and Well written blog about different destinations or say spaces, some culinary creations, and the new travel gear to make yours. They love to hear about your latest adventure, which is a bit thrilling. 

DA:PA – 52:45

DR: UR -56:38

Submission URL – https://travelaway.me/contribute/


Experience everything this world has got to offer here. Learn some new outdoor sports to play during leisure time and travel simultaneously. Breakthrough now and win the opportunity. 

DA:PA – 55:46

DR:UR – 57:53

Submission URL – https://www.thelondonnottinghillcarnival.com/write-for-us/


An inspirational Travel Blogger, Johnny Ward, who here shared his story of being broke to stability and how he managed to explore plenty of countries around the world. Explore different destinations here at One Step 4ward and Join him on trips. 

DA:PA – 61:51

DR:UR – 62:53

Submission URL – https://onestep4ward.com/contact-me/


A blog fueled by Writer and Photographer, a deadly combination. Here they both focus on adventure travel and give you tips to enjoy more around the world. 

Here you will find articles, guides about unique places, explore local foods, explore the city, and be part of street festivals. 

DA:PA – 50:45

DR: UR -48:47

Submission URL – https://www.thecrowdedplanet.com/work-us/


A blog with a different perspective. Escape artist here shared about global investments, offshore banking, second passports, and are a lot more relevant. They aim to become the most reliable source of information and resources for people around the world. 

Want to become a contributor here? Then outreach now. 

DA:PA – 61:59

DR: UR -65:82

Submission URL – https://www.escapeartist.com/submit-your-article-to-escape-artist/


They take you on a virtual tour to many fabulous places. Know about Art and Architecture and Photography here, along with travelling places to explore. 

If you also want to share your travel experience, then reach now and submit an article. 

DA:PA – 55:47

DR:UR – 54:15

Submission URL – http://www.youramazingplaces.com/contact/


Here Sabrina shares extraordinary places and things you can do while being on a budget. Her motive is to encourage people to spend more time traveling somewhere. The travel guides, tips, advice, and accommodation options are worth reading at Just one-way ticket blog. 

DA:PA – 54:45

DR:UR – 59:48

Submission URL – https://www.justonewayticket.com/work-with-me/


Pure Travel focuses on booking your holiday destination, tips for finding the perfect place for free to spend a few days, special offers, brochures, and guides. Explore their blog section to get some handy tips that can make your journey better. 

DA:PA – 49:50

DR:UR – 62:40

Submission URL – https://www.puretravel.com/Pages/Contact


Get to read here everything about Costa Rica and what’s happening around. Their local authors give us detailed insight and share fantastic content related to entertainment, meditation, outdoor, and travelling. 

DA:PA – 54:44

DR:UR – 46:36

Submission URL – https://www.costaricantimes.com/contact-us


Get the latest news and updates here regarding different travel destinations along with tips and much more. Their blog covers other topics related to travel like gadgets, reviews, programs, and other activities you can enjoy. 

DA:PA – 50:50

DR:UR – 55:9

Submission URL – http://www.mosaicglobe.com/contact-us/


A blog owned by Jess and Dina, here they share everything you need to know to make holidays enjoyable. From accommodation options to housesitting to capturing scenic shots to travel tips, Dina shares everything here to help you see and enjoy as much as you can. 

DA:PA – 53:48

DR:UR – 58:48

Submission URL – https://globetrottergirls.com/contact-2/


A Travel blog that is the inspiration for backpackers and adventurers. Pinoy Adventurista aims to encourage more people around the world to discover and spend days in the Philippines. Mervz here shares his experiences in the form of stories, tips, food to try, and startling panoramas. 

DA:PA – 49:50

DR:UR – 44:43

Submission URL – https://www.pinoyadventurista.com/p/advertise.html


A blog for those who want to save the environment and stay eco friendly while being on their next trip. Here get to read about an array of tips, customized options, travel tips, ecotourism, and family travel. 

Want to share own eco-travel experiences? Then reach now to Elizabeth and Kimberly. 

DA:PA – 53:46

DR:UR – 47:40

Submission URL – https://gogreentravelgreen.com/about/


Want to read something exceptional, then here you are. It is one of the most trafficked travel blogs. Goats on the road share travel destinations, products, eco-friendly tips, experiences, enjoying local foods, and help you explore places with a unique perspective. 

DA:PA – 54:50

DR:UR – 60:52

Submission URL – https://www.goatsontheroad.com/advertisepr/


Track your budgets and learn how to enjoy more by spending less. Their travel plans are also very inexpensive and accessible to every wanderlust around. 

Want to go on vacation? Yes then plan your budget here, Budget Your Trip is more like a wiki for travel costs as they say. 

DA:PA – 55:52

DR:UR – 61:54

Submission URL – https://www.budgetyourtrip.com/contactus.php


Are you looking for some advice before travelling to a particular destination? Yes, Pommie travels can help; she aims to motivate others to move and feel the zest. 

Want to submit a travel guest post here? Then shoot an email to Victoria. 

DA:PA – 51:51

DR:UR – 47:43

Submission URL – https://www.pommietravels.com/contact/


A Digital Nomad and Blogger, Anil Polat, here brought you the combination of Travel and tech on Foxnomad. Along with writing about Travel, he has also developed several apps to make your journey a lot easier and eco-friendly . 

DA:PA – 66:50

DR:UR – 62:51

Submission URL – https://foxnomad.com/about/guest-posts/


Stayful focuses on living life to the fullest and roaming around. Here she reviews the hotels and shares her experience of staying there. If you have got some interesting stories related to Business, Lifestyle, or Travel to share, then mail to Cass now and submit an article. 

DA:PA – 49:39

DR:UR – 42:42

Submission URL – https://www.stayful.com/contact/


Are you tired of being stuck in one place and want to explore the world? Then Ytravelblog can take you on an exciting journey. They aim to disconnect you from the chaotic world and fulfill your desire of traveling to every beautiful place. Their in-depth, enriching articles are worth reading. 

DA:PA – 61:56

DR:UR – 71:56

Submission URL – https://www.ytravelblog.com/about-us/contact/


A dedicated blog where you will get high-quality slideshows, travel stories, and videos to see and read. 

If you want to contribute to any of their site sections? Then pitch them and briefly explain how your article can make a difference. 

DA:PA – 59:53

DR: UR -55:17

Submission URL – http://www.worldhum.com/info/submissions/


Everything in one place, here be the part of exciting interviews, events happening around the world, responsible Travel must explore destinations, airline information, videos, and other tourism news. 

Are you an independent, enthusiastic traveler? Yes then why not write for edreams 

DA;PA – 62:56

DR:UR – 68:77

Submission URL – https://www.edreams.com/blog/write-for-us/


A site made by real travel experts. Their writers are mostly locals who know everything about the place, parents who love to travel, wanderlust, and other traveling lovers. Trip Savvy serves as the library of everything you want to read about Travel. 

Are you also an experienced and qualified traveler? Yes, then share your experiences now. 

DA:PA – 80:57

DR:UR – 86:57

Submission URL – https://www.tripsavvy.com/about-us-4777100#contact-us


A blog that focuses solely on excellent travel writing rather than selling your travel packages or flight tickets. They cover different types of Travel that are intriguing and thought-provoking enough. 

Want to become a contributor? Yes, then think something different because they don’t accept posts that merely focus on getting links. 

DA:PA – 59:55

DR:UR – 65:50

Submission URL – https://www.gonomad.com/travel-writer-guidelines


A blog that revealed that lavish exotic life is not only limited to those with money. But anyone can enjoy it for less money. They bring you to safer, healthier places on the table where you can live and experience Travel. By discovering such sites, they help others around take advantage of opportunities and live better lives. 

DA:PA – 68:56

DR:UR – 74:79

Submission URL – https://internationalliving.com/about-il/write-for-il/


A funny informal blog that helps you explore different places throughout the US and see what things you can do. There are always few incredible hidden places, and only in your state strives to cover all. 

Whether you are a photographer or wanderlust with brilliant writing skills? Then publish your story here and get more exposure.  

DA:PA – 76:56

DR:UR – 78:50

Submission URL – https://www.onlyinyourstate.com/contribute/


Based in India, this blog keeps you updated with the things happening around in the world of opulence, luxury, and Travel. They cover topics like luxury hotels, destinations, experiences, technology, art, culture, and much more. 

DA:PA – 79:54

DR:UR – 67:47

Submission URL – https://luxurylaunches.com/write-for-us/


Are you looking for Belize vacation ideas? Yes, then check this blog, which is your vacation planner. Here find travel tips, unique information, and travel stories to read. 

This blog serves as a travel guide for people travelling to Belize. Their blog covers factual articles, Belize food, adventures, music, and much more. 

DA:PA – 57:40

DR:UR – 50:32

Submission URL – https://belize-travel-blog.chaacreek.com/write-for-us/


A blog fueled by Women’s Travel Expert, Beth Whitman. Wanderlust and Lipstick empower women around to travel more confidently and independently without any restriction. Get here all the guidance you need to get set on tour and experience traveling. Get in touch with her to decide your next travel spree. 

DA:PA – 58:50

DR:UR – 51:47

Submission URL – https://wanderlustandlipstick.com/about-us/write-for-us/


It brings the most compelling lifestyle and business-related news with the help of Az Business magazine and others. Here get to read about real estate news, features, articles from magazines, tools you need for business recognition, and a lot more. 

Want to have your voice heard? Yes, then become one of their columnists now. 

DA:PA – 60:52

DR:UR – 76:44

Submission URL – https://azbigmedia.com/write/


Here read about budgeting, backpacking, and exploring exotic places. Travel with a fixed budget and know how to plan it here at Budget Your Trip, they also have a repository of different destinations which you can explore while being on a budget. 

They love to hear from other travel bloggers. So here is your chance to submit an article, read their guidelines first. 

DA:PA – 55:52

DR:UR – 33:17

Submission URL – https://www.budgetyourtrip.com/blog/write-for-us/


Bucket List Publications contains and portrays how you can experience the thrill by travelling and how to make use of endless, limitless possibilities. 

After travelling for 30 years and still on it, Lesly here at her blog shares her experiences with other travel freaks. Have you got something interesting to publish? Yes, then reach out now. 

DA:PA – 43:49

DR:UR – 33:17

Submission URL – http://www.bucketlistpublications.com/contacts/


A blog that provides authentic travel experience along with luxuries. Heather here takes you on exploring culture, different destinations, experience luxury cruises, go hiking and cycling, and share her travel tales with others. 

You would love to put the destinations she visited on your bucket list. From food to culture to activities you can do, find here everything. 

DA:PA – 53:51

DR:UR – 53:51

Submission URL – https://www.heatheronhertravels.com/work-with-me/contributing-writers/


A reliable resource for independent travelers, backpackers, flashpackers, trekkers, and photographers. Her uplifting stories, guides, tips, hotel suggestions to stay at, dog-friendly travel advice, and other collections will make you explore the road less traveled. 

Becky loves to accept unique, high-quality articles from other travel bloggers. Here is your chance, so make a move. 

DA:PA – 58:48

DR:UR – 56:52

Submission URL – https://globalgrasshopper.com/write-for-us/

Apart from publishing content at above sites that i mentioned you could enjoy after guest posting at these travel sites, you may end up winning some vouchers, discount offers, tickets, etc. 

May the odds be in your favor. 


Copy, Paste this list and immediately start working on it to begin guest posting.

Once again, before starting, make sure you go through their guidelines and a few blog posts to have an idea of what type of posts they accept. 

In case you have any queries to ask, then I am just one comment away. Keep blogging. 

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